The Top 7 Best Alcohol-Free Gin Substitutes

Jul 06, 2021

G&T is of of the most iconic drinks in the world and with an array of impressive ald-free alternatives on the market there is no need to miss out.
Irene Falcone with her range of non-alcoholic drinks

Gin has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in the last five years or so, in part thanks to the number of craft gin brands who brought new products to the market. But in the last 12 months we’ve seen a similar trend in alcoholic-free gin substitutes with new brands putting their own spin on this classic drink and a influx of delicious gin mocktails.

With so many to choose from, I've compiled 7 of the best. 

Lyre's Dry London Spirit next to a gin mocktail on a table

A note about tonic – when you’re making an alc-free G&T it’s important to use a good quality tonic that will enhance and complement the flavour profile of the gin. We stock a huge range of tonics to suit every palate including many that are sugar free and vegan.

1. Lyre’s Dry London Spirit

The blurb: Based in Sydney, Lyre’s craft spirits that taste just like the favourites. This non-alcoholic replica captures the real essence of a classic London Gin.

The taste: With aromas of orange blossom, lime, jasmine and juniper. Lyre’s Dry London Spirit has a distinct juniper and citrus flavour with earthy notes that fill the mid-palate, and a generous warm pepper berry dry finish. 

Worth noting: This drink is vegan, sugar-free and contains 95% less calories than standard alcoholic Gin.

Lyre’s Dry London Spirit is also available pre-mixed in a ready to drink can.

Recipe to try: Make this into a Lyre's Negroni 

What customers are saying: “I really enjoyed the real flavour of this Gin. G and T it is my go to drink and I didn’t miss the alcohol at all.” 

2. Monday pre-mixed Classic G&T

The blurb: The Monday Distillery describe themselves as a ‘New Age Beverage Company’ who are revolutionising the way that people socialise.

The taste: It boasts all the aroma, mouthfeel and taste of a traditional Dry G&T. With notes of sea salt, cinchona bark, quinine, bitter lemon, lime, and juniper berry, this is a perfectly balanced combination.

Worth noting: This Monday G&T is also all-natural, low calorie (just 1KJ per 100ml), vegan, sugar-free and contains no artificial additives or flavours. Monday also make a pre-mixed exotic spice G&T.

What customers are saying: “This is a great G&T style drink. Love the cute bottles too!” 

3. Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus (Gin Substitute)

The blurb: Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus (Gin Substitute) is a non-alcoholic gin alternative to classic citrus style gin. It contains no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners or flavours.

The taste: It features traditional juniper notes with a blend of aromatic citrus from orange, lemon and grapefruit.

Worth Noting: Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus (Gin Substitute) is vegan, low in sugar and low in calories.

Recipe to try: Ginger Mocktail

What customers are saying: “Love the citrusy notes, very nice with tonic! A regular gin drinking friend tried and couldn't believe that it was non-alcoholic!”

4. Ovant Grace

The blurb: Made in Margaret River, Western Australia, Ovant is an alcohol-free distillation inspired by gin.

The taste: Grace is refreshing, yet bitter with classic gin aromas of florally juniper along with ginger root, dried orange and subtle cardamom. Warm on the palate, this is a complex spirit that can be enjoyed on it’s own or with a mixer.

Worth noting: With no sugar and zero calories it is lighter than a standard spirit.

Recipe to try: Ovant Flowers and Petals

What customers are saying: “Simply delicious! This is a beautiful drink. The botanical combination of juniper, ginger, cardamom, chicory and orange give this drink a warm orange and honey feel.”

5. ALTD Spirits Silver Princess 

The blurb: Traditionally distilled and made in Sydney, Australia, ALTD is a gin inspired alc-free spirit that features native botanicals. 

The taste: With an intense berry aroma and tart sourness of Australian desert limes, the mouthfeel is silky, smooth sharp. Honey myrtle and spicy characteristics contribute to an electric tingle on the finish. 

Worth noting: This alcohol-free spirit is vegan friendly, sugar-free and calorie-free.  

Recipe to try: Mix with Mr Consistent mixer to make the perfect Cosmopolitan Mocktail

What customers are saying: "Impressive flavour, convincing as an alternative to gin."  

6. Seedlip Grove 

The blurb: A pioneer in the global alc-free drinks movement, Seedlip was created in London based on distilled non-alcoholic herbal remedies from the 17th century. 

The tate: With aromas of fresh citrus and spice, and a complex base flavour of bitter orange, this spirit has sour undertones of bitter Orange, Mandarin pith and Blood Orange as well as a little sweetness from warm ginger, all balanced by a dry lemongrass finish. 

Worth noting: Zero calories and sugar and free from sweetener and artificial flavours.

Recipe to try: Seedlip Margarita

What customers are saying: "It feels like I’m drinking the real thing. A great substitute and love the citrus notes." 

7. Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll (Gin Substitute)

The blurb: Made in Australia, Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll is a premium, true to taste gin substitute inspired by a classic London Dry.

The Taste: The flavour profile is comprised of the perfect blend of juniper with subtle notes of citrus and traditional gin-style botanicals with a dry profile.

Worth noting: Low calories and low sugar, it’s also vegan-friendly.

Recipe to try: Enjoy with classic tonic water & Sprig of rosemary

What customers are saying: "This non alc gin substitute was just like drinking the real thing - fragrance and flavour-wise! Smooth and rich on the rocks and delightful as a G&T with orange and rosemary to complement the flavours. Will definitely be making it a regular in the rotation!"

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