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Holsten Non-alcoholic Beer Review

A huge range of non-alcoholic beers await you on the Sans Drinks shelves. Do you know which one is best suited to your tastes? Read through my Holsten non-alcoholic beer review and I'll help you figure out whether Holsten's 0.0% beer is the one for you...

With the alcohol-free beer industry constantly innovating, expanding and transforming it can be hard to keep track of every delicious beer option available.

One stand out AF beer that constantly surprises my customers is the Holsten 0.0. It's a favourite amongst beer enthusiast and a real hidden gem here at Sans Drinks. Here's everything you need to know about the Holsten 0.0 (330ml bottle).

The history of Holsten Beer

Holsten 0.0 Beer

The Holsten Brewery was founded in Hamburg in 1879, they have been brewing great beer for over a century and are well known in the industry for their premium full-strength beer. They have now included this zero alcohol option in their range which sells all over the world including here in Australia.

The Holsten Story

The Holsten name is derived from a nomadic Germanic tribe who lived years ago and wandered throughout the northern Germany region now referred to as Holstein. The Holsten clan were known to be freedom-loving, hospitable people who were also quite stubborn at times. The Holsten founders likely used this as inspiration when they named their brewery after these traditional roamers. The Holsten 0.0 beer was created for those who:

  • Wish for the freedom to make healthier choices when it comes to drinking.

  • Love inviting friends over for a gathering full of food and drink.

  • Trust their beer brewers to be stubborn and strict when it comes to the taste and quality of their products.

Holsten International Reach

Holsten ships their full strength and alcohol-free beers internationally, and is available across European, the United States and here in Australia. Holsten has since cemented itself as one of Australia's most trusted German beer brands - especially in the low alcohol market. 

Holsten are less about quantity and more about quality when it comes to their drinks. Their 0.0 range isn't massive but the non-alcoholic drinks they make do taste pretty great.

The Holsten 0.0% Beer Making Process

Holsten 0.0 has been crafted using traditional German pilsener brewing methods to truly emulate the taste of a full-bodied beer. It's also made with the Reinheitsgebot guarantee. The German Purity Law ensures that all beers made in Germany are crafted using only the purest, natural ingredients: hops, barley, water and yeast.

The Brewing Process

The brewing process for Holsten 0.0 is much like that of a regular beer. The mash is made, the wort is boiled and the hops is added. The beer is then left to ferment in the traditional way. What's different is that the alcohol is removed via a gentle evaporation process. The bubbles are then added in via carbonation before the liquid gold is bottled, liquor-free, and packaged up to be delivered to people like me who enjoy a great tasting non-alcoholic drink.

That's how Holsten manage to take their non-alcoholic beers to the next level and pack them full of flavour. They know what their customers want from their drinks, so they don't rewrite the process, they adapt it to suit the market.

The fact that they've managed to make Holsten 0.0 a new non-alcoholic drink that actually tastes like the average pilsener, without the high ABV truly speaks to their beer making heritage and craftmanship.

Holsten Non-Alcoholic Beer Review

Here's what the Sans Drinks customers had to say about this beer in my research tasting. 

Holsten Beer Review

First impressions

The thing that stands out most when you first get your hands on a bottle of Holsten 0.0 is just how indistinguishable it looks to a regular full-strength beer. The style and colour of the bottle, the 330ml size, the good use of the recognisable Holsten branding on the label. It looks good and definitely sets itself up as a product that the average Aussie can enjoy without advertising the fact that it's alcohol-free. 

The Look & Aroma

The beer itself looks very drinkable. You can tell it's been brewed with care just by looking at the bright golden hue, and it has a clear, crisp aroma that holds a slight tantalising bitterness. Upon pouring it into a glass, the light foamy head is immediately present, much like a regular pilsener.

You'd never be able to tell that this was a no-alcohol beer just by looking at it. It has all the qualities of a classic full-strength brew.

The Taste

The first sip of Holsten 0.0 is truly delicious. The mild bitterness (from high-quality hops) is complemented perfectly by a medium bodied, malty flavour. It's followed by a refreshing finish, clean and crisp, much like a premium alcoholic beer.

The Verdict

One of the best non-alcoholic pilsener beers on the market.  It's difficult to tell the difference between Holsten's alcoholic version of this beer and the zero alcohol Holsten 0.0 itself. 

Is zero alcohol beer bad for you?

No, it's quite the opposite. Non-alcoholic beer brewed is brewed by many traditional beer brands like Carlton and Heineken as well as craft beer brands link Heaps Normal, Sobah and Upflow. 

The ultra low alcohol level of 0.5% ABV or less means all of the negative effects of alcohol in our body are avoided. Non-alcoholic beer generally contains less calories and less sugar than full strength beer.

Most non-alcoholic beers are also preservative free and made from minimal, all natural ingredients. Many also contain added benefits of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer line up

Non-alcoholic sports beers

Some non-alcoholic craft beer brewers in Australia and worldwide have taken inspiration from German brewers and have created a range of Sports Beers. These Sports Beers contain a similar amount of isotonic properties per sip to regular sports drinks, meaning they help the body recover after exercise and they keep you hydrated, among other awesome benefits. Erdinger Alcohol-free Wheat Beer is a German sports beer favourite, however Aussie brewers UpFlow have also created a range of Hypotonic Beers for the upcoming 2024 Aussie Olympic athletes. Another great Australia Sports beer brand is Zero+ .

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