The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Special Occasions

Aug 08, 2021

Don’t leave non-drinking guests disappointed - there is no excuse to only offer soft drink as an alcohol-free option.
Beautiful silver tray of Champagne

I’ve lost count of the number of events I’ve been to that have failed to cater for non-drinkers. Even at weddings and fancy black-tie affairs where wait staff circulate with trays of champagne, beers and cocktails, the most exciting option for me is often an orange juice.

It’s disappointing, especially when the event organiser has obviously given a lot of thought to the alcohol that’s on offer – why not extend the same consideration to the non-drinkers?

Alcohol Free champaign

Statistics show that Australians are drinking less, so it’s not just a handful of pregnant women and teetotallers that are hopefully scanning the room for a zero-alcohol drink. In fact, the low to no alcohol drinks sector is far out stripping it’s alcoholic rivals in terms of growth and innovation – which speaks volumes in terms of what consumers actually want.

With that in mind, it’s never been more important to offer a good selection of high quality, zero-alcohol drinks.

Here are some essentials to ensure your event doesn’t fall flat.

Alcohol Free Sparkling wine 

A glass of something sparkling on arrival gives every event an air of occasion – whether you’re raising your glass in a toast or sipping as you minge – there’s just something about those bubbles!

Cutting edge technology in wine making means that the range of zero-alcohol sparkling wine available to choose from is growing every day. And unlike sparkling grape juice, many options are produced by world-class wineries with the same care and attention as their regular range.

I recommend: Thomson & Scott Noughty

Gin Mocktails

An alcohol-free Gin & Tonic is a classic gin mocktail that brings some extra refinement to any special occasion. Gin has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the last five years, with boutique makers offering new twists on the timeless botanical. 

The good news for non-drinkers is that the new wave of gin makers includes an array of brands specifically creating zero-alcohol products.

I recommend: Ready to drink Lyre’s G&T 


Naked Life Margarita Can and a margarita mocktail

There’s nothing like a tray of beautifully made mocktails to get a party started – so if you want to bring some Big Drink Energy to your event, a zero-alcohol cocktail is an absolute must.

A decade ago a mocktail would have consisted of sugar laden fruit juice with a bright garnish, but these days, with literally hundreds of zero-alcohol spirits on the market you can make a virgin version of any classic cocktail from a Cosmopolitan to a Peach Bellini

And, if you don’t want to make mocktails to order, there are lots of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers that can be used and ready to drink options available

I recommend: Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Virgin Margarita

Non-Alcoholic White Wine & Red Table Wine

Non-Alcoholic White Wine being poured into a glass

It may seem a little boring after bubbly and cocktails, but the fact remains – both red wine and white wines are staples at events and special occasions.

Thanks to new technology that allows wine makers to gently remove the alcohol component of the wine, the taste, mouthfeel and quality of alcohol free wines are now easily on par with their boozy equivalents. 

There are so many options to choose from, but if you are looking for great, affordable zero-alcohol free wines,

I recommend: V.No Red and V.No White 

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