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Why Non-Alcoholic Drinks Make Us Feel Fantastic

One of the reasons that I don’t miss drinking alcohol is that alcohol-free drinks make me feel great. And I’m not just talking about the fact that I no longer get hangovers.

There is a lot more to it than that. Here are some of the ways that alcohol free drinks will make you feel fantastic.

Non-alcoholic drinks = A dopamine kick

Did you know that the reason alcohol is associated with feeling good and having a good time is dopamine, a chemical that literally makes you feel good? When you drink alcohol your brain releases dopamine. It’s complicated though – alcohol also stimulates the brain to produce Glutamate – the chemical responsible for anxiety, which is why the feel good factor doesn’t last.

Amazingly, alcohol free drinks can also boost the production of dopamine. A 2013 study found that drinking non-alcoholic beer can also boost your dopamine levels, assuming that you already associate the taste of beer with alcohol.

Lady on scooter feeling happy

Alcohol-free beer increases your dopamine levels

In the study, researchers used Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans to measure the dopamine levels of 49 men when they drank non-alcoholic beer compared with a sports drink. They found drinking non-alcoholic beer resulted in significantly higher levels of dopamine.

Likewise, a 2018 study looking at parts of the brain associated with feelings of reward, found that there were no differences to brain activity between 0% ABV non-alcoholic beer and 4.8% standard beer.

The upshot? Alcohol free beer brings the dopamine without the comedown.

Happy women on a bike

Zero alcohol drinks = A better mood

It’s not just dopamine, alcohol-free drinks contribute to an elevated mood in other ways too.

Drinking zero-alcohol drinks don’t mess with your sleep the way that alcoholic drinks do, meaning that you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested (and not, tired and cranky).

On top of this, alcohol-free drinks can help you stay more hydrated than drinking alcohol which is good news for your general wellbeing as even moderate dehydration can lead to moodiness, headaches and fatigue.

Feeling great when drinking alcohol-free

Alcohol-free = Feel Fabulous & Healthy

As well as being terrific for your mental health, alcohol-free drinks are also good for your physical health. 

Studies show that drinking non-alcoholic beer can reduce your risk of heart disease, aid bone growth and even reduce your chance of getting illnesses like the common cold.

And that’s not all; many zero-alcohol drinks contain vitamins and minerals including folic acid, potassium, iron and zinc.

Less alcohol = More Social

Meaningful social connections have been shown to play an important role in our overall health. In fact, strong social connections have been linked to lower rates of anxiety and higher self-esteem. 

Although alcohol is known as a social lubricant, people who have given up alcohol have reported that their social connections improved when they gave up drinking. Alcohol-free drinks allow you to actively listen to others and stay present in conversations. In the long run, this allows friendships to become more meaningful – and what could be more fantastic than that?

The Top 3 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Try

1. The Best NA Chardonnay -Le Petit Etoile Chardonnay

Made in France, this is a vegan, full-bodied buttery chardonnay with hints of oak, citrus blossom and honeysuckle with a crisp palette that’s fresh and balanced. It is also a naturally produced alcohol-free wine with no added preservative 220. 

Preservative Free and alcohol-free Chardonnay

2. The Best NA Spirit - Lyre's Italian Spritz

If you only try 1 spirit, this is it! It's the Lyre's Italian Spritz which is a non-alcoholic version of a classic Italian Aperol and it makes the perfect alcohol-free version of Aperol Spritz. Just add 30mls to a champagne glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine, top with soda water and add a slice of orange! 

Lyres Italian Spritz

3. The Best NA Sparkling Wine - Thomas & Scott Noughty

A classic dry sparkling wine is vegan, Certified Organic and low in sugar. Plus it's one of our highest reviewed wines by our customers and one of the world's most sought after alcohol-free wines. 


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Angela - May 9, 2021


I would probably have made this blog into three but hopefully you will have lots to write about.

Assume you have read Alcohol Explained – he does a great job explaining.

I love Pearson’s spirit most so far – lyre Italian is coming in third.

Good luck with your venture. Are you the same lady who just opened a store at Freshwater?

Regards, Angie

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