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Most Popular Non-alcoholic Wine Brands Review

A range of delicious alc-free wines are constantly being added to my collection. To help you choose the best non-alcoholic wine for you, I've done the hard work (well, it wasn't actually that hard) tasting a few glasses and leaving my honest review for you to use to make the right buying decisions.
The Ultimates Non-Alcoholic Wine Review by Sans Drinks | Table setting with plates, wine glasses and greenery

Most Popular Non-alcoholic Wine Brands Review

Non-alcoholic wines are real wines, but with the alcohol removed, so just like real wines it can take a lot of tasting before you find the right ones for you. The best way to find your favourite zero alcohol vino is to dive right in and try them all!

Barring that, trying our discounted tasting bundles, researching and reading reviews are the next best thing, so to help you get started, here are my tasting notes on a few of my best selling wines. But before we get started, here is a recap on what non-alcoholic wines are:

Is non-alcoholic wine really non-alcoholic?

For any drink (beer, wine, or spirit) to be given the non-alcoholic title, it needs to contain 0.5% ABV or less. This trace level of alcohol is similar to that found naturally in ripe fruits and fruit juices. 

While de-alcoholised wines have had the alcohol removed, you'll find some contemporary beverage brands like NON and Altina create wine and cocktail style beverages which are created without the use of alcohol at all! 

Is there any alcohol-free wine that actually tastes like wine?

Non-Alcoholic wine tasting line up

Yes! Forget about all those typical supermarket non-alc wines that tasted like grape juice. Technology has come a long way and this new wave of non-alcoholic wines are the real deal, they are complex and they are down right fabulous! 

Zero alcohol or low alcohol wine is put through the same winemaking process as regular wine, then de-alcoholised just before bottling. This helps preserve the very same flavour you'd find in your usual Pinot Gris, Rosé, Merlot or Sparkling wine. 

What is the best non-alcoholic wine?

This article is not nearly long enough to list all the low alcohol wines I love to drink, so I have just picked out some of my best sellers and customer favourites to share with you here. 

Non-Alcoholic Wine taste-testing

McGuigan Zero

I couldn't put together a list of the best non-alcoholic wine without including one of the most awarded, top wineries in Australia (and the world). McGuigan Wines, as we know it, has been up and running for almost 30 years now. With a rich history of winemakers and wine lovers spread down the McGuigan family line for decades prior, I've chosen two of my McGuigan Zero favourites.

McGuigan Zero Dry Rosé


McGuigan Zero Dry Rose | Non-Alcoholic Wine

This Rosé looks and tastes just like a dry Rosé should. From the first sip, with the help of delicate aromas, you experience something akin to rose petals. This is not sweet, and as you lower the glass and take in the tastes, a tangy grapefruit and strawberry flavour hits. A crisp, dry, refreshing finish really lends itself to this light, bright low alcohol Rosé. If you're looking for a new dry (at a highly affordable price), I would suggest giving the McGuigan Dry Rosé a try.

McGuigan Zero Chardonnay

McGuigan Zero Chardonnay | Non-Alcoholic Wines

This is a delicious wine with a classic buttery Chardonnay mouthfeel. It has a slightly woody undertone which counteracts and sweetness and it has the same taste 'kick' you get when you drink alcoholic white wine, while also offering a refreshing finish. 

Giesen 0%

Theo, Alex and Marcel are the brothers behind the NZ wine brand, Giesen. They've been creating delicious wines since 1981 and they have now created a non-alcoholic version of their well loved original Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. 

Giesen 0% Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Giesen 0% Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

This wine was created by legendary winemaker Nikolai St George, so I had really high hopes for it. I really love the zingy lemon shortbread aroma, plus the tastes of juicy berries, fresh lime and smooth passionfruit coming through before the dry finish. All in all, this white wine makes for very easy drinking. Just a great, classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. 

Lindeman's Wines

Lindeman's Wines have been globally awarded for 150 years. This is an iconic Australian wine brand who have created 3 non-alcoholic wines from the famous NSW Hunter Valley. 

Lindeman's Sparkling Non Alcoholic Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Lindeman's Sparkling Non Alcoholic Chardonnay Pinot Noir | Non Alcoholic Wine
Looking, feeling and tasting like a dry sparkling white wine, this non-alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay is very dry and very affordable at around $10 a bottle. It has a sharp classic Chardy punch and is excellent with cheese and could easily be an alternative to sparkling champagne at any celebration.

Lindeman's Non Alcoholic Semillon Chardonnay

Lindeman's Non Alcoholic Semillon Chardonnay | Non Alcoholic Wines

This dry number is a citrusy, tropical tasting white wine with a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel. The first time I tasted it I was actually surprised by how close this was to an alcoholic Semillon Chardonnay. It's smooth, yet dry. I also tasted notes of stone fruits, pear and apple mingling with the citrus undertones. People who enjoy a light Chardy will love this alcohol-free alternative.

Plus & Minus

Aussie winemakers Plus & Minus have made quite the name for themselves with their wide range of drinks. All Plus & Minus wines contain less than 0.5 ABV, they are all made with low amounts of sugar, every bottle is stylishly designed and the wines contain natural antioxidants from the addition of grape seed extract that are highly beneficial in more ways than one. Most importantly, people everywhere LOVE indulging in a glass of wine from this zero alcohol range!

Plus & Minus Rosé

Plus & Minus Rose | Non-Alcoholic Wine

If you like drinking the type of wine that has a natural deliciousness, rather than getting its flavour from additives, this is the Rosé for you. It's top quality for me is that it's crisp and not really sweet at all. The colour gives off a super sweet candy vibe but no sugar is added to this beauty so you simply get the delicious tang of ripe berries, along with a slightly earthy undertone.

"It is just light and fluffy, not sweet and easy to drink," says Carly, one of my awesome customers.


NEWBLOOD are rule-breakers. The way they make their products, using an innovative triple-distillation process at an extremely low temperature ensures a number of things: each wine meets the 'less than 0.5 ABV per bottle' rule and most importantly, the full-bodied, intense flavour of the original wine recipe is retained. We currently stock two NEWBLOOD wines however today I'll be focusing on just the Chardy...

NEWBLOOD Non Alcoholic Chardonnay

NEWBLOOD Non Alcoholic Chardonnay | Non Alcoholic Wine Australia

Nay-sayers will tell you that you can't find a good alc-free alternative to Chardy anywhere, but I don't care what anyone says, this product is AMAZING! I will never go back to boozey wine as long as this alternative is available. So many of my customers have come to me with amazing feedback saying this wine tasted, smelled and felt just like the real thing. It's very, very dry and even a little oaky with a mild sweetness and fruity notes throughout the bottle.

Edenvale Premium Reserve

Edenvale have a range of many different wines that they've been providing to alc-free drinkers at a great price since 2006! Their products give people the choice to taste many low alcohol wine varieties and, honestly, they usually never go back to the booze because they enjoy the range so much. Edenvale Premium Reserve products are low in calories, high in antioxidants and there's just something about them that makes me feel really good about making the choice to drink them.

Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz

Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz | Non-Alcoholic Wine


With luscious, complex, oaky Shiraz flavours, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine is almost indistinguishable from a regular sparkling red wine. Delicious notes of tangy blackberry and currant mingle with exotic spices to create a flavour that's sure to keep people coming back again and again. I would suggest this product to anyone who enjoys a slightly bubbly take on a classic red wine, or even lovers of white sparkling wine - if you're not already into reds, this could be a great starting point to becoming a red wine drinker. Go on, get a little adventurous.

Are non-alcoholic wines any good?

Heck yes! If I didn't think alc-free wines were any good, I wouldn't have spent my time, money and effort starting an alc-free drinks business and looking for the perfect new wine, beer, spirits and other alcohol-free products to stock. Tasting my first sip of zero alcohol wine was the reality check I needed to finally understand that I could still drink my favourite Sparkling wine, Pinot, Chardonnay or Shiraz without relying on the booze to bring the flavour.

Where can I learn more?

If you still need a little more info about living a sober curious lifestyle or some advice as to which Sans Drinks wine is going to be a surefire hit for your taste buds, feel free to comment or DM me and I'll show you the way to pure booze-free bliss!

You can also follow us on social media for updates about products and to see my regular tasting videos.

Nerida - May 9, 2021

Hi, just wondering if you can suggest a non-alcoholic Gin. I like a dry Gin that I can drink with soda and maybe some lime or lemon. I like Gins with a citrus note and have in the past enjoyed Elderflower Gin too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nerida

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