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NEWBLOOD is a new non-alcoholic wine brand from Australia

If you love Aussie wine (because we do make the best wines don't we!) and you fancy innovation I think it’s safe to say that you and NEWBLOOD are going to become great friends! NEWBLOOD was founded on the premise that knowing the rules, then going on to break them is one of the best things you can do when it comes to making great wine. 

NEWBLOOD uses an extremely low temperate, cutting edge, triple distilled de-alcolisation process which helps retain all those intense, classic wine flavours. Come be a rule-breaker with us (innocently of course)!


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NEWBLOOD may be new kids on the block in the alc-free wine game, but that doesn’t mean they’re anything short of amazing. They’re here to drink wine and break rules, and they’re all out of wine (not really, they have wine for days). We’ve put together this FAQ because we had so many questions coming in about this awesome new brand. Learn more about NEWBLOOD and how they differ from the rest…

What makes NEWBLOOD such an awesome new contender in the global non-alc wine market?

Number 1: They know the rules of wine-making.

Number 2: They break them.

NEWBLOOD don’t sit around and wait for their wine to get better, they are continuously improving their processes in order to stand out from the crowd and provide delicious alcohol-free wines that taste just as good, if not better than their alcoholic counterparts.

They take standard wine making procedures and change them up a little to receive a better, tastier outcome.

Leaving their grapes on the vine a little longer ensures the end product is full to bursting with the delicious flavour expected of a high-quality wine. 

They also practice a cutting-edge triple distillation process that ensures flavour, aroma and nuance of each varietal is still perfectly captured, while the alcohol is removed.

So, how does the triple distillation process work?

NEWBLOOD’s triple distillation process involves doing things a little differently.

They use technology that allows them to utilise extremely low temperatures throughout the alcohol extraction steps. Why? Because adding heat to wine has sometimes been known to reduce the flavour and take away that full-bodied, striking taste that all good wines should have.

Which NEWBLOOD non-alcoholic drinks do Sans Drinks stock?

NEWBLOOD has two products currently, a red and a white variation of their delicious alcohol-free wines. NEWBLOOD brings together traditional winemaking techniques, with cutting edge, triple distillation to redefine what's possible and forge a new path in winemaking craft for the industry.One that delivers an authentic, flavourful and aromatic wine, with the alcohol removed.   

We stock both the Shiraz and the Chardonnay right here in our online store. You can pick up a bottle of either (or both) for your next over the top celebration, or a chilled night in with the girls.

Who will love NEWBLOOD alc-free wines?

Lovers of both a hearty Shiraz and a crisp Chardonnay will find a new best friend in NEWBLOOD wines.

These alc-free wines are perfect for anyone trying to find a healthier alternative to alcoholic wine.

They can also be a great substitute to regular wine for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women (of course always check with your healthcare professional first)

People with health issues who cannot have alcohol or people whose religions don’t allow them to consume alcohol can also enjoy a delicious glass of NEWBLOOD's alcohol-free Shiraz or Chardonnay.

Honestly, anyone “off the wagon” who just wants to indulge in a great wine without the consequences of alcohol will find these two beauties to be wonderful alternatives to the real deal.

Is non-alcoholic wine healthier then regular wine?

In a lot of cases, yes. This is usually due to the fact that a lot of the carbs in alcoholic beverages come from the alcohol itself.

The chemicals in alcoholic drinks can also have a long-lasting, negative effect on the liver, heart and other important organs and bodily functions over time.

The good news is you can choose a healthier alternative without having to compromise on taste, aroma and quality! NEWBLOOD have done all the research and then put in the hard yards to give people everywhere the chance to enjoy a range of wines that taste just like a good wine should, without the impairment, the embarrassment, the health consequences and the horrible hangover that alcoholic wine brings.

Which NEWBLOOD wine should I drink?

For lovers of rich, handsome reds that are full of fruity tones, the NEWBLOOD Shiraz is going to be an absolute gamechanger. It’s got all the heart of a regular red wine due to the extended time the grapes are left to ripen, and the triple distillation process involved.

If you enjoy white wines with attitude and pizzazz, NEWBLOOD Chardonnay is going to absolutely knock your socks off. Much like its Shiraz counterpart, this Chardy is full of grapes that have been left to ripen just a tad longer than usual in order to provide that amazing Chardonnay kick that you expect from each sip.

So, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, “on call” or can’t have alcohol for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the dry, full-bodied flavour of a delicious Chardy or the rich aromas of a handsome Shiraz. Just grab A NEWBLOOD and away you go!

What is the vision behind NEWBLOOD as a company?

NEWBLOOD are here to kick things up a notch. They’re not happy to settle for the way things have been done in the past. They want new. They want exciting. They want better than ever for their customers!

They feel the cutting-edge triple distillation process can help bring non-drinkers a range of wines that not only don’t contain alcohol but retain all the amazing qualities that make a great wine great.

They say, “no more!” to underwhelming wine alternatives and, “give me more!” to full-bodied flavour and a taste that’s to die for.

What kind of experience does NEWBLOOD have in the wine-making industry?

NEWBLOOD has a combined 50+ years of experience within the winemaking industry. That’s a lot of wisdom, knowledge and skill going into producing a range of amazing new products.

They know what non-alcoholic wine drinkers want and they’re breaking all the rules to give it to them.

Keep an eye out for this brand – they’re definitely one to watch.