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Edenvale Premium Reserve

Since 2006, Aussie winemakers, Edenvale have been providing non-alcoholic wines across the globe.

They use innovative wine making practices to ensure that the removal of alcohol doesn't also remove the full-bodied flavour of a traditional wine.

They've built their range up to include a wide array of wine varieties, all the while providing a healthy, antioxidant-rich, low-in-calorie alternative to all the classics.

Enjoy Edenvale Premium Reserve to experience a premium, high-quality wine that provides a unique taste without the need for alcohol. The Premium Reserve range is just a little bit fancy, so the wines are perfect for special occasions.

Edenvale Premium Reserve

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    Edenvale Premium Reserve

    Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz

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    This best selling, non-alcoholic Sparkling Shiraz is from the Edenvale Premium Reserve collection. It is a dry, Lambrusco style wine with notes of ...

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    Edenvale Premium Reserve

    Edenvale Premium Reserve Pinot Noir

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    This Australian Made Pinot Noir is from the Edenvale Premium Reserve range. The Pinot Noir grapes are selected from the finest wine regions of Sout...

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If there’s one name that’s synonymous with a successful Aussie non-alcoholic drinks brand, it’s Edenvale. Since 2006 they’ve dominating the booze-free wine game both in Australian and across the globe. A few Sans Drinks fans have been asking about the Edenvale Premium Reserve range that’s now in stock and I am more than happy to provide a bit of an FAQ guide to this awesome Aussie alc-free wine brand. Take a look below and if your question isn’t answered, feel free to get in touch via social media or via email and ask away.


What makes Edenvale Australia’s leading non-alcoholic wine brand?


As mentioned above, they’ve been crafting non-alcoholic wine since 2006. That’s a lot of time to create and perfect a HUGE range of products and build a great name for yourself in, not just Australia, but a plethora of countries worldwide.


They are known for producing wines that are of a very high standard and although they don’t contain alcohol, they still provide the same taste and experience that a regular wine would.


Their vision to incorporate both traditional winemaking methods and innovative processes has allowed them to deliver exceptional products from the classic Chardy to the Sparkling Cuvee, and many, many more.


Their Premium Reserve range stocked on Sans Drinks shelves is the cherry on top of a wonderful range of high-quality alcohol-free wine varieties.


Who can drink Edenvale Premium Reserve alc-free wines?


Well, anyone really. Due to the lack of alcohol, the risks involved in drinking boozeless wine are pretty much non-existent (aside from consuming too much of a good thing, if that’s a risk factor for you).


Health and fitness fanatics, pregnant and breastfeeding women, designated drivers, people on call or who don’t drink for religious reasons can all enjoy a delicious glass of Edenvale’s finest. We do suggest checking in with your health professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before indulging, just to make sure that they’re ok with you doing so.


Is the Edenvale Premium Reserve range good for me?


It sure is! The number one reasoning for this is due to the removal of alcohol. Alcohol has been known for years now to cause many health issues including, but not limited to, liver failure and heart conditions. The other great benefit of removing alcohol is that you don’t have to worry about the dreaded hangover or becoming dehydrated from its diuretic properties.


Each bottle of Edenvale Premium Reserve wine contains almost half the calories of normal wine, so it’s good for your waistline too!


Antioxidants are present in each and every glass to provide a little bit of a boost of goodness to your body while you drink.


Which Edenvale Premium Reserve products does Sans Drinks stock?


I’m so glad to be able to bring to you three Edenvale Premium Reserve products in all their glory. They are… *drumroll please*


Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz

Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Blanc de Blanc

Edenvale Premium Reserve Pinot Noir


These three beauties taste, smell and have a mouthfeel that’s typical of their alcoholic counterparts, but they can be consumed by anyone due to a lack of booze.


They are offered to shoppers as a single bottle or in packs of three or six, so you can grab as many or as few as you like. If you’re not yet a fully-fledged off-the-wagon wino, pick up one bottle. If you’re all about that alcohol-free life, stock up on the good stuff. It’s entirely up to you.


Which Edenvale Premium Reserve wine is the best alcohol-free option for me?


When choosing which Premium Reserve wine is best for you, think about the type of wine you generally like to drink. Or, if you’re buying as a gift for a friend, take their usual wine wants into account.


Due to the innovative winemaking and alcohol extraction techniques used to make this wine, it really doesn’t stray far from the way a classic wine of the same style should taste.


In general, for celebratory events, you’re going to want to go with something that has a little pizazz like a Champers. The best choice for this would be the Sparkling Shiraz (red) or the Sparkling Blanc de Blanc (white). For a sophisticated dinner or BBQ event, go with the Pinot Noir.


It’s all about personal choice though – try them out and see which works best.


How does Edenvale remove the alcohol from their wines?


Edenvale takes advantage of a slightly modified version of the sophisticated “Spinning Cone” method to remove alcohol from their wine. Alcohol extraction is a complicated practice, but Edenvale have it down to a fine art.


Edenvale Premium Reserve wines begin as a naturally fermented liquid, taking flavours from varietal grape juice with no water added to avoid diluting the overall taste.


The finished wine product is fed into the Spinning Cone Column which is an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to turn the wine into a thin film. Steam is used to extract the wine’s delicate aromas and flavours, protecting them from oxidisation. The liquid goes through the Column once more to remove the alcohol. The remaining flavours and aromas are then blended back into the liquid, creating an amazing alcohol-free wine that still has the wonderful qualities of the real deal.


Are Edenvale wines 100% free of alcohol?


The legal ABV for a wine to be classed as “non-alcoholic” is 0.5%. So, there are still trace amounts of alcohol in most alcohol-free beverages. 0.5%, however, is in line with the amount of alcohol found in a range of fresh fruit juices. So, although there may be teeny tiny amounts of booze in any alc-free beverage, Edenvale wines are fully compliant with the strict 0.5% ABV limit.


You’re not going to get drunk on them. You can still drive safely after a few glasses (or a few bottles, even). They are a much healthier and safer alternative to regular wine, that’s for sure.


Where does Edenvale source wine grapes from?


Edenvale source their wine grapes from a range of premier vineyards in the region of South Eastern Australia. Care is taken by Edenvale’s wine fruit selectors to ensure only the best quality wine grapes are designated for use in their Premium Reserve wines. They look for optimum parcels of fruits and strong varietal definition in each and every batch to ensure a full-bodied wine flavour.


What’s to come from Edenvale in future?


Edenvale’s future certainly looks bright. Whether they choose to add more wines to their Premium Reserve range or if they continue to grow their Classic range (or both), I know that we haven’t seen the last of Edenvale, by far.


As always, if they release any other Premium Reserve wines, they’ll be here on the Sans Drinks shelves.