The Lyre's Story

Sep 20, 2021

Lyre's was one of the first Australian brands to create non alcoholic spirits. Since they first launched Lyre's Dry London non alcoholic gin, the market low-to-no alcohol market has exploded. I had a chat with Marc from the Lyre's team to find out more about their journey from start up to global best seller.
Founder of Lyre's Non-alcoholic spirits

The Lyre's non-alcoholic range has been a consistent best seller at Sans Drinks since I launched the online shop just over a year ago. People tell me that non-alcoholic gin such as Lyre's Dry London, or other alcohol-free spirits like the Lyre's Italian Spritz and Lyre's Spiced Cane Spirit are almost indistinguishable from the originals.  

Where did the inspiration for Lyre’s come from? 

    "Lyre’s was borne of the quest to challenge the way the world drinks, to make the impossible possible – to give people the choice to drink their drink, their way.

    Lyre's founders, Mark and Carl (pictured below) realised when out hosting clients or at work social events that consumers often had to change the way they consume drinks when choosing to reduce or abstain from alcohol. At the time of conception, you’d be lucky to find a non-alcoholic beer listed on a drinks menu, meaning that in most cases the only non-alcoholic options when out and being social were soft drinks, fruity mocktails or water.

    Lyre's founders, Mark and Carl

    Lyre’s set out to create a new narrative when choosing to cut down on alcohol, by creating a range of products that stack up to their alcoholic counterparts, thus ensuring everyone can enjoy the mirth and merriment of being social, regardless of their decision to consume alcohol.

    Lyre's Dry London Spirit next to a gin mocktail on a table

    How has the low-to-no alcohol market changed since Lyre's launched in 2019? 

    Since we launched, the non-alcoholic category has exploded, growing faster than any beverage category. This level of demand and growth has seen a lot of new brands and products enter the category as well as many well established alcoholic brands now dipping their toes into the non-alcoholic market.

    When we launched Lyre’s, we were aware of the category gaining traction within the US and over in Europe, surprisingly our brand has seen some of its strongest results within the Australian market. Being founded here in Australia, it’s a delight to see the Aussie consumers get around our brand and products.

    Alcohol consumption has been continuously decreasing for years and younger consumers are actively voicing and promoting a healthier and more holistic lifestyle, non-alcoholic brands are often more than just an alcoholic substitute, consumers are highly engaged and seek to these brands for inspiration, whether it be a cocktail suggestion or for new things to try.

    We love connecting with our consumers at a personal level, it’s not often something that’s explored with large global alcohol brands.


    How does Lyre’s manage to make alcohol-free taste so convincing? 

    It hasn’t’ been an easy feat, we still look at the recipe of our products and tweak them. It has taken years to create the liquid in our bottles, we use cutting edge food science and technology to create products that stand up to their alcoholic counterpart.

    We only use high quality natural ingredients in our products to ensure that every product in our range deserves its place on any home bar cart or shelf in a retailer or bar.

    A woman enjoying a glass of non alcoholic aperol made with Lyre's Italian Spritz - f

    The majority Sans Drinks customers are people who want to drink more mindfully rather than people who don’t drink at all – is this the same for Lyre’s? 

    Absolutely. While we are a non-alcoholic brand, we encourage our consumers to try our products in an array of ways, sometimes even with alcohol for low-alcoholic drinks.

    Lyre’s isn’t just for non-drinkers, in fact the majority of Lyre’s consumers drink alcohol but for whatever reason look to be more mindful on occasion and reduce their consumption. 

    Think about all the times you’ve driven to a dinner or social occasion and have had to switch to water after a couple of drinks or have made the switch earlier to wake up fresh the next day, switching to a Lyre’s still allows for you to be social and enjoy the occasion without having to substitute on the experience!

    The Lyre’s range is huge – which ones are your best sellers? 

    There is a Lyre’s product for every palate, hence the diversity in the range! While every product is equally delicious, each market has its own stand out products. Here in Australia, the non-alcoholic spirit category in general is largely led by 'gin' and 'whiskey' alternatives (Australia being a large consumer of both gin and whisky) so naturally the Lyre’s Dry London Spirit and Lyre’s American Malt lead the charge.

    These are closely followed by the Lyre’s liqueur or aperitif style products such as the Italian Spritz and Italian Orange as traditionally it has been hard to create bitter style non-alcoholic drinks at home or behind the bar.

    5 Lyre's Mocktails to try this week 

    Lyre's Southside Gin Mocktail

    The sell: This mocktail is a refreshing balance of sweet and sour with sugar syrup and lime juice in perfect harmony. Add a mint leaf or two for extra zing.  

    The recipe: Lyre's Southside Gin Mocktail

    The Lyre's: Lyre's Dry London Spirit and Lyre's Absinthe



    Lyre's Negroni Mocktail

    The sell: A non alcoholic twist on a classic Italian cocktail. This gin mocktail is best served in an old fashioned glass with a twist of orange peel.

    The recipe: Lyre's Negroni Mocktail

    The Lyre's: Lyre's Dry London Spirit, Lyre's Aperitif Rosso and Lyre's Italian Orange



    Lyre's White Cane Collins Mocktail

    The sell: A sweet and simple rum mocktail that is perfect refreshment on a hot summer's day. 

    The recipe: Lyre's White Cane Collins Mocktail

    The Lyre's:  Lyre's White Cane Spirit


    Lyre's Orchard Fizz Gin Mocktail

    The sell: Based on the classic New Orleans invention, this gin mocktail combines the botanics of gin with the tart flavour of apples and lemon

    The recipe: Lyre's Orchard Fizz Gin Mocktail

    The Lyre's: Lyre's Dry London SpiritLyre's Amaretti and Lyre's Aperitif Dry



    Lyre's Lynchburg Lemonade Whiskey Mocktail

    The sell: Named after Lynchburg, Tennessee, this long mocktail is both sour and refreshingly sweet. 

    The recipe: Lyre's Lynchburg Lemonade Whiskey Mocktail

    The Lyre's: Lyre's American Malt and Lyre's Orange Sec


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