Feeling challenged by febfast? This will get you back on track

Feb 19, 2022

We're just getting through the halfway point of Febfast and if this is your first dry month you might be starting to hit the wall. I've put together this blog post to help get you back on track.
Two happy women riding bikes

Feeling unmotivated? 

If you are struggling with motivation there are two important factors to focus on. Number one - you are raising money for a great cause. 1 in 4 young Australians report that alcohol and/or drugs are a problem for their family or peers. From mental health issues to not having a safe place to stay, these young people face unimaginable difficulties. 

By taking part in Febfast, you are helping to raise funds that pay for a number of services and support for these young people, so that they can take control of their health and wellbeing. 

Number two - having a break from alcohol is doing your body the world of good. Pay attention to your energy levels, your mood and the quality of your sleep. By now, all of these things should have improved. 

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It's also worth thinking about the less obvious benefits. For example, according to the Priory Group, after four weeks without alcohol, you could have lower blood pressure, improved vision and better kidney health. 

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Feeling left out? 

If you have avoided alcohol by avoiding your friends then you might be feeling the FOMO. But there is no need. 

There are lots of ways that you can socialise without alcohol. One of my favourite ways to catch up with friends is to meet for a walk or bike ride - it's a great win/win - a catch-up, a little exercise and no need to even think about alcohol. Likewise, meeting for breakfast, a movie or a yoga class are great ways to spend time with people without social pressure to have a drink. 

There are also lots of pubs and restaurants that have cottoned on to the mindful drinking movement. It's getting easier and easier to find a non-alcoholic beer or mocktail to enjoy - making a night out during Febfast much less daunting. 

Bored of tea and sparkling water? 

In the past, alcohol abstinence challenges such as Febfast have meant sticking to drinks such as tea and sparkling water. While I love a cuppa, tea can get boring if it's all you're drinking, and it doesn't feel very special when you're marking the end of the week or celebrating a special occasion. 

Non-alcoholic drinks have come a long way in the last few years and are the perfect solution to the big 'what to drink when you're not drinking' question that Febfast presents. 

If you haven't tried non-alcoholic wine, beer or spirits yet, then this is the perfect time to experiment. Perhaps you will be one of the 78 per cent of people who try non-alcoholic and come back for more. 

Trending non-alcoholic drinks 

Official Feb Fast Pack

Tell me more: I put this exclusive pack together with Febfasters in mind. All of these products are trending across the store and getting great customer feedback. The pack includes the two new Sans Bar spirits - Notting Hill Stroll, a non-alcoholic gin and Spritzing in Venice, a non-alcoholic Italian Aperitif as well as the best selling 1920 Pinot Grigio and award-winning Thomson & Scott Noughty Rose. 

A bottle of Ms Sans Mojito and a mocktail

Ms Sans Margarita


Tell me more: I created the Ms Sans collection so that my customers can have an authentic cocktail bar experience at home. Unlike cocktail mixers, Ms Sans comes pre-mixed with non-alcoholic spirits. All you have to do is shake and pour. 

Worth noting: Gluten-free, vegan friendly and only 18 calories per 100mls. 

What customers are saying: "I absolutely loved the ease and deliciousness of Ms Sans Margarita <3 We didn't need to add anything, yet had this beautiful refreshing, zesty, complex-tasting cocktail in our hands in moments!" 

Inspiration: Five ways with Ms Sans Margarita

Thomson & Scott Noughty


Tell me more: Noughty is a personal favourite and a best-seller at Sans Drinks. It's also critically acclaimed and has been featured in publications from the New York Times to the Independent. In fact, BBC Good Food writes, " Liquid error (snippets/shortcode line 19): Could not find asset snippets/shortcode-Noughty has.liquid  earned its place as the world-leading alcohol-free alternative to champagne and sparkling wine. Noughty sets the bar high for competitors and was in our opinion the closest match for a real wine."

Worth noting: Certified organic, vegan and low in calories with only 14 calories per 100mls. 

What customers are saying: "Pops, pours, and looks like the real deal. And best of all tastes really good, not sweet at all, lovely dry finish so I drunk it like I would champagne and enjoyed it." 

Inspiration: Five Ways with Thomson & Scott Noughty Alc-Free Sparkling

Heaps Normal Another Lager


Tell me more: Heaps Normal is an award-winning Australian beer brand that took the non-alcoholic drinks market by storm with their Heaps Normal Quiet XPA. Newly released, the Heapsa Normal Another Lager is set to be just as popular. It's crisp, refreshing and full-flavoured. 

Worth noting: Both low calorie (19 calories per 100mls) and low in sugar (0.1g of sugar per 100mls).

What customers are saying: "Perfect lager taste and super refreshing - this is the one I will be ordering in bulk." 


Three bottles of NON non-alcoholic drink and a plate with cheese and blueberries

NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile


Tell me more: If you're tempted by an alcohol-free wine, then NON, a wine alternative might be up your street. While most of our non-alcoholic wines have been made with traditional winemaking methods and then had the alcohol removed, NON products are made without alcohol. In fact, NON seeks to 'redefine the wine occasion' - meaning that you can enjoy a grown-up, complex drink, without comparing it to traditional wine. This one, a best seller, features raspberries, chamomile and Murry River Salt. 

Worth noting: Vegan friendly

What customers are saying: "A firm favourite. Absolutely love everything about this drink." 

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