The Non-alcoholic drinks trending this month - September edition

Sep 26, 2021

The non-alcoholic drinks trend had continued to grow with September sales showing no sign of slowing down.
A drinks cooler ice bucket filled with Sans Drinks non-alcoholic drinks

But what's trending this month? There has definitely been a seasonal swing away from winter warmers with Rose, sparkling wine and mocktails all flying off the shelves. 

Here are the big trends that I'm seeing. 

We Love Gin Mocktails 

I predict that gin mocktails are going to be big this summer, whether they're made completely from scratch, with a mocktail mixer or premixed and ready to drink. 

Lyre's Dry London is a consistent best seller at Sans Drinks. But joining the Dry London in non-alcoholic gin sales is the new Hellfire Blush and Gordon's 0.0. 

(If you want to read more about all the new alcohol free gin in the shop, have a look at this post on 7 new gins to try


Hellfire non alcoholic gin and a non-alcoholic mocktail

Hellfire Bluff Inspirit Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin


The complex flavour profile of this Tasmanian non-alcoholic gin  includes a hint of Szechuan pepper and pimento on the finish. 

What customers are saying: " My current favourite Non Alcoholic Gin! Spice heavy like a winter gin rather than a traditional London Dry style, and with more depth of flavour than some of the others I've tried." 

Gordon's Alcohol Free 0.0


From the global best  seller, Gordon's Gin, Gordon’s Alcohol-Free 0.0% has the same iconic flavour as the original gin, with a smooth texture, a complex flavour bold juniper notes and a subtle hint of citrus. 

What customers are saying: "Over the past few weeks during COVID lockdown restrictions, my family members and I have been having a virtual happy hour making gin based cocktails. Gordon's gin has been perfect and has gone well with all the cocktail recipes so far." 

Cans of non-alcoholic Naked Life Negroni ready to drink

Naked Life Negroni Spritz Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


New from Naked Life, this ready to drink Negroni has a full flavour profile featuring cherry, apple, lemon and orange extracts with the bitterness of cinchona and bitter orange. 

Spring staples 

Spring has been in the air, and judging by the orders coming in, that means non-alcoholic Rose

Thomson & Scott Noughty Rose


An instant favorite when it hit Australia in early August, Noughty Rose is hitting her stride now that warmer weather is coming. A beautiful rose in colour, this sparkling wine is invigorating on the palate, with a perfect balance of smoothness and acidity. 

what customers are saying: "I would drink this any summer's afternoon, it was even better with no alcohol, no post drink headache. Tempted to now buy a case!"  

Plus & Minus Rose


The newly released, 2021 vintage, has a bolder flavour than the 2020. Boasting aromas of strawberries and a bright palate of ripe berry fruit and a dry profile. 

What customers are saying: "I love Rose and this is amazingly close to Rose's I used to drink, you forget it isn't alcoholic." 


Plus and minus bottle inside the Sunnylife Large Eco Picnic & Wine Cooler Basket

If you want to get your hands on one of my discounted Spring Rose bundles you will have to hurry as there are only a few left now. 

New to Sans Drinks

StrangeLove have released a new line of low calorie soda. It's had to pic a favorite as they are all delicious, but the Yuzu from Japan has been on high rotation in my house. 

Yuzu from Japan


Tart and refreshing, this soda features Yuzu, a hybrid citrus that is grown in the cool, mountainous regions of Japan. 

Naked Life also have a new range out. Featuring classics such as Margarita, G&T and a new Spritz alternative, as well as some new ready to drink premixed classics such as Non-Alcoholic American Malt Spirit & Cola and 

Non-Alcoholic American Malt Spirit & Cola


This alcohol free rum & cola drink pairs the rich and smooth flavours of caramel, vanilla and classic toasted American oak with refreshing sugar free cola to create a classic mixed drink. 

Also new to the store is a new, exciting non-alcoholic red wine. Cimicky Zero. Based in the Barossa Valley, Cimicky make wine for Buckingham Palace, so they can be relied upon for high quality. 

Cimicky Zero Non-Alcoholic Red Wine


With aromas of raspberry, guava and lychee, this premium non-alcoholic Shiraz is robust on the palate and has a dry to medium finish.

Also new to Sans Drinks this month are some especially curated bundles that pair non-alcoholic spirits with tonics and sodas. You can see the entire range here, but, here are a couple of my favorites. 

Espresso Martini Bundle


Make the perfect alcohol free Espresso Martini with this Mr Consistent Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer and Lyre's London Dry bundle. 

Dark & Stormy Rum Mocktail Bundle


Make the perfect Dark and Stormy with this Lyre's Spiced Cane Spirit (Spiced Rum style) and Strangelove Hot Ginger Beer. 


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