Non-Alcoholic Wine in a Can Review

Apr 03, 2022

Super convenient and perfect for going out, outdoor entertaining or individual serves, RTD style wine-in-a-can has well and truly landed. With an abundance of options available, I’ve put this guide together so that you can find the perfect product.
Irene Falcone holding four cans of non-alcoholic wine cans

Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee RTD

The brand: Edenvale were the first Australian wine brand to exclusively make non-alcoholic wine.

The product: Crisp and refreshing, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine features aromas of apple, muted tropical fruit and subtle notes of citrus.

What customers are saying: “This tasted like a nice dry sparking, not too sweet and a crisp fresh taste. So nice to find an alcohol free sparkling that tastes like the real thing.”

Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs Sparkling RTD Can

The brand: Made by Odd Bird, modern winemakers that exclusively produce wine that has been ‘liberated from alcohol’.

The product: This Champagne style non-alcoholic sparkling features aromas of granny smith apple, lemon peel, lime and honey. Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs has been aged in barrels for 12 months which gives it the characteristic you would expect from a premium French sparkling.

Worth noting: Low in calories at 18 calories per 100mls.

What customers are saying: It is the most like french champagne I have had and having it in can is so good to take to friends houses or bbq's etc. For those trying to cut down or not drink alcohol that love champagne this is a good alternative.

Plus & Minus Prosecco RTD Cans

The brand: Plus & Minus are Australian winemakers based in South Australia. The ‘plus’ in their name refers to added antioxidants in the form of grape seed extract.

The product: Made with premium South Australian grapes, this non-alcoholic Prosecco features aromas of citrus and freshly cut apples.

What customers are saying: “Perfect for going out - just going out without a whole bottle is the bomb.”

Lyre's Classico Ready to Drink Can

The brand: Lyre’s Spirits is one of the worlds best known alcohol free brands.

The product: This alcohol-free take on a classic Italian Processo is crisp and dry. Featuring aromas of lime, fresh peach and granny smith apples along with pear and red apple on the palate.

Worth noting: Low in calories at 18 calories per 100mls.

What customers are saying: “Best non alcoholic swap I've found to date. Love the individual cans. Cheers!”

Edenvale Aperitivo Spritz RTD

The product: Made with Edenvale's popular Sparkling Cuvee, this ready to drink Aperitivo Spritz features classic notes of citrus spice and floral blossom. product is new to Sans Drinks - watch this space

Naked Life Italian Spritz

The brand: Known for their no-nasties ethos, Naked Life make non-alcoholic drinks that are all natural and sugar free.

The product: Made with extracts and distillates, this alcohol free Spritz alternative features bitter orange, rhubarb, cinchona and orange blossom.

Worth noting: Zero sugar and just 3 calories per 100mls.

What customers are saying: I love this Italian spritz! It's so full of flavour, It’s become my new go to and tastes just like an the original spritz’. Serve in a wine glass full of ice and some orange slices and I feel like I’m having one of my favourite summer cocktails.”

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