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Odd Bird

Creating modern, world-class wines with zero alcohol

Embrace the 0.0% movement with the Odd Bird range of entirely alcohol-free wine. Founded by Moa R Gürbüzer, Odd Bird (previously MRG Wines) are modern winemakers producing extraordinary wines with exceptional taste, all entirely free from alcohol. Created from the finest grapes from France - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Shiraz - the wines use a traditional winemaking process, aged in barrels, followed by a modern patented de-alcoholisation method preserving the wine’s natural flavours and aromas. 

The Odd Bird range of zero alcohol wine includes the Organic Domaine de la Prade Chardonnay & Merlot-Shiraz, and Sparkling white Blanc de Blancs from France and the Spumante from Veneto Italy.

Odd Bird

  • Domaine de la Prade French Chardonnay with alcohol removed
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    Odd Bird

    Domaine de la Prade Chardonnay

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    From Southern France, Domaine de la Prade age their chardonnay for a year so that the full character of the wine can develop, before gently removi...

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