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Located in beautiful Barcelona in Spain, the Moritz Brewery has a slightly tumultuous past that includes the closing of the company in 1978 due to the energy crisis. Luckily, with a family spirit true to all Spaniards, the company was revived in 2004 by descendants of the original owner.

The company has been thriving ever since and has brought to us a non-alcoholic beer that is adventurous and bold as heck – again, this can be heavily attributed to a Spanish heritage that includes a thirst for discovery.

If you visit Barcelona, you can find the former production factory has now been now transformed into offices, a bar for tasting, a showcase brewery and a super interesting beer museum. Definitely one to add to the itinerary.

Fun fact: Moritz products are the only brand in the world with language on the labelling written entirely in Catalan. The more you know!