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Non-alcoholic wine refers to alcoholic wine that has gone through a de-alcoholisation process which is a completely natural process using spinning cones, distillation or a filter. This process leaves beyond traces of alcohol (no more than you 0.5% ABV). However below you will find a great selection of non-alcoholic wine alternatives which have not been made with any wine or any alcohol at all. The Fizzero range is an excellent alternative which tastes just like dry sparkling wine, as is the TÖST brand which replaces champagne.

  • Cipriani Virgin Bellini (4 Pack)
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    Cipriani Virgin Bellini (4 Pack)

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    This alcohol-free White Peach Bellini is the take-home version of the famous Cipriani Bellini, served at Harry's Bar in Venice. This bar is known f...

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