Alcohol is bad news for your skin - here's why

Oct 10, 2021

As the founder of Nourished Life, I know a fair bit about skin care. But one thing I didn't appreciate until fairly recently is what alcohol was doing to my skin.
Women enjoying alcohol-free wine overlooking the water

It turns out that regardless of what type of alcohol you are drinking, beer wine and spirits all have the same toxic effect on our skin. And you can forget about that expensive serum, there isn't a beauty treatment in the world that can counteract the negative effects of booze. 

Alcohol causes pimples 

If you have ever noticed breakouts after a night of drinking then you're not alone. Alcohol can cause dehydration, which leads to skin dryness. In turn, this causes the immune system to ramp up, which can lead to skin breakouts. 

Alcohol causes dehydrated skin 

Taking of dehydration - the other effect that you need to be aware of is premature aging. Dehydrated skin makes out skin look older and deteriorate faster. This happens because the metabolic activity that takes place at a cellular level needs water. 

You can mitigate this by ensuring that you drink plenty of water. And of course, you can protect your skin even more by reducing the amount of alcohol you consume. 

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Alcohol causes inflammation 

Alcohol can inflame skin making it irritated and flushed. Although the link between alcohol and inflammation has not been well researched, experts believe that conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea can all flare up after consuming alcohol. 

Alcohol and Rosacea 

While experts say that taking an antihistamine before drinking alcohol can minimise rosacea, it's important to note that this strategy can also mask the damaging effect that alcohol is having.  

What is the best drink for your skin? 

Woman applying skincare

Any type of alcohol is bad news for your skin, so if you are going to drink it's good to adopt a mindful drinking strategy. 

Personally, I found that when I stopped consuming alcohol my skin improved dramatically. What's more, I discovered that there are some non-alcoholic wine, beer and spirit options that are actually good for your skin. 

Wildlife Botanicals: Sparkling Blush 

The beauty benefits: I often refer to Wild Life botanicals as a beauty elixir in a champagne bottle. in every glass of Wild Life Botanicals you'll find hair and skin-loving Biotin and calming Lemon Balm. 

What customers are saying: "I felt like we were drinking champagne as it had a crisp initial burst on the tip of the tongue followed by an understated blush of rosey sweetness at the back of the tongue. All four of us gave it a big thumbs up at lunch time." 

Worth noting: Low in sugar (2.4g per 100g) 

Polka Sparkling

The benefits: This sparkling wine is packed with Lilly Pilly, a known superfood that is high in vitamin C, known for its general skin brightening and anti-aging properties.

What customers are saying: "This was a really great sparkling drink and on the drier side of the sparkling non-alcoholic drinks I have tried. Highly recommend!" 

Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll (Gin Substitute)

The benefits: This great tasting gin is made with no artificial sweeteners and is low in sugar.

What customers are saying: "I am a Gin lover, this is a fabulous alternative to the alcoholic version. I am a young mum so I don’t want the alcohol, but love to enjoy my treat of an afternoon. This is a guilt free please of mine now. I just have it on the rocks, with a slice of whatever citrus fruit I have." 

UpFlow Non-Alcoholic Hypotonic Classic Pale Ale

The benefits: Since good hydration is an easy way to boost your skin, the ultra hydrating properties in this beer are worth paying attention to. 

What customers are saying: "As close to full alcohol beer as I’ve experienced!" 

Erdinger Alcohol Free wheat beer

The benefits: This beer is popular with athletes because of it's great recovery properties, but it's also an all round healthy beer with vitamins b12, folic acid and polyphenols. It also has isotonic properties so unlike traditional beer, it won't leave you dehydrated. 

What customers are saying: "I’ve been trying several non alcoholic products and this one is definitely the closest to the real thing than anything else I’ve tried so far!" 

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