My Favourite Gin Mocktails

Nov 22, 2021

Gin mocktails are very on trend this summer and with a vast array of non alcoholic gin alternatives on the market there are more options that ever before.
A person holding a bottle of pentire non-alcoholic drink and a mocktail

We have an extensive selection of gin mocktails in our recipe selection but if you are overwhelmed by choice then I have rounded up my favourite five. 

These mocktails are all easy to make at home but feature classic elements that elevate your alcohol free gin to the next level.  

Lyre's Negroni Mocktail

The blurb: This Italian favourite will be trending all summer 

Get the recipe: Lyre's Negroni Mocktail

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A person pouring a non-alcoholic Negroni into a glass

Clovendoe Martini Mocktail

The blurb: A martini mocktail that is simple and classic. 

Get the recipe: Clovendoe Martini Mocktail

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Gordon's 0.0 Tom Collins Gin Mocktail

The blurb: When it comes to gin mocktails, the Tom Collins is a true classic. 

Get the recipe: Gordon's 0.0 Tom Collins Gin Mocktail

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Seadrift Salty Dog Mocktail

The blurb: A tantalising blend of zesty, sweet, sour and salty. 

Get the recipe: Seadrift Salty Dog Mocktail

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A person adding lime juice into the rim of a mocktail glass

Americano Mocktail

The blurb:  It's the perfect mocktail for a low-key evening.

Get the recipe: Americano Mocktail

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