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Christmas Gift Guide for the Non-Alcoholic Drinker

‘Tis the season to begin moving through that Christmas gift to-do list, no more procrastinating! If you’re on the hunt for non-alcoholic wine or spirits to gift this season, let me make it simple for you because I know it can be both overwhelming and tricky!

Are non-alcoholic wines any good? I hear you question in disbelief. Yes, believe it. It’s not just fancy grape juice! The best non-alcoholic wine to give this festive season does have the same sparkle, body and flavour as regular wine. Lucky for you, I’ve personally tried each and every one of them and have rounded up the best non-alcoholic Christmas gift ideas to help you in your search. The best part? All of our gift packs are on sale!

Noughty Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Why you should gift non-alcoholic wine this Christmas

Christmas is a whole lot of fun but also demanding and by the end of it, the overindulging and too much celebratory Champers has well and truly done me in. Non-alcoholic wine makes for the perfect companion to the season; it’s the healthier, hangover-free bestie that means you can make a quick exit should you need to head home or off to another get-together. Not to mention, if you’re hunting for a gift for a Chardy-loving health nut, a sober-curious relative or expectant mum, you’ll be the favourite guest when you turn up with a bottle of the best non-alcoholic champagne alternative there is out there.

The best non-alcoholic wines and spirits Christmas gift ideas  

I’ve thought long and hard about putting together these stress-free gift packs for you so you can breeze through the season. Here are my personal picks for every non-alcoholic wine and spirit drinker in your life. 

1. Four non-alcoholic red wines that taste like wine

Non-alcoholic red wine deserves your attention for the simple fact that each and every one of the four bottles in our Best of Reds Gift Pack is delicious. The juicy line-up includes three Aussie-made wines: the Newblood Shiraz, the Edenvale Premium Reserve Pinot Noir and McGuigan Zero Shiraz, each hand-picked by me. Rounding out the mix is the French-produced Le Petit Chavin Merlot, with notes of fresh, red fruits. These four are crowd-pleasers and trust me when I say they are solid five star gifts. 

2. Refreshingly good non-alcoholic white wine for the health-conscious mate

Non-alcoholic white wine will quickly become your go-to this summer and beyond, as it has for me. Our Best of Whites Gift Pack includes four delish non-alcoholic whites and is perfect pressie should you be headed to another BBQ or long lunch in the sun and want to give your health-conscious host a palatable and low-cal bevvie. I’ve picked out the Aussie-made Newblood Chardonnay and McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc to include alongside the famous NZ Giesen 0% Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, and the new Aussie Plus & Minus Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio. These amazing tipples are firm favourites of mine and I know they’ll go down a treat. 

3. Non-alcoholic wines for the sober-curious friend 

For the best non-alcoholic wine to give a friend or relative on your list who is dabbling in an alc-free life try the Stemless Red & White Gift Pack, a taste of both red and white non-alcoholic wine to tempt the sober-curious in your circle. The pack includes a pair of stunning copper stemless glasses by Clinq, and a bottle of Newblood’s Aussie Shiraz and Chardy — cheers to that!

As well as the Clinq 100% Copper stemless wine glasses, we also stock the copper cocktail mugs, champagne flutes and straws which are all presented in beautiful gift boxes.

Copper Cocktail Mugs
Clinq 100% Hammered Copper Mugs come beautifully gift boxed and are perfect for Summer cocktails 
Non-Alcoholic Sparkling wine
Did you know that 100% copper glasses are known for keeping your drinks chilled for longer?

4. The best non-alcoholic sparkling wine to toast with  

Fizz makes, in my humble opinion, the ultimate holiday gift, especially if you’re trying to support a friend who can’t stomach Champers or is off the booze this season. Our Australian Sparklers Gift Pack shows off just how great Aussie wine is and includes the best selling McGuigan Zero Dry Sparkling, the Blanc de Blanc NV from Plus & Minus, and the Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Blanc de Blanc and Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz. These four are glorious in taste and just as posh as their alcoholic counterparts!

The Altina Zero Proof cocktails are a pre mixed, all natural cocktail in a bottle, no mixing required! 

5. Non-alcoholic spirits for the mocktail mate


My suggestion for the girlfriend who has quit booze to start her New Year’s resolutions off early, or the relative whose diet no longer accommodates spirits but you know is feeling the party season FOMO? Seedlip. Guaranteed to impress even the most sceptical non-alc in your life, our Seedlip gift packs, complete with tonic and Clinq glassware are the perfect sans alcohol gifts. Try the Seedlip Spice 94 G&T Gift Pack for the adventurous girlfriend or stick to Seedlip Garden 108 G&T Gift Pack or Seedlip Grove 42 G&T Gift Pack for the colleague who loves a classic G&T.  

Pro Tip: Serve it on a copper platter

non-alcoholic Campari Spritz

Our best selling, non-alcoholic version of a traditional Campari Spritz uses the Lyre's Italian Spritz with the McGuigan Zero Dry Sparkling. Save 10% when you buy this bundle!


To add a little colour and texture to these delicious non-alcoholic drinks, I’d recommend gifting any one of the copper glasses and barware. These copper cups, mugs and glasses are perfect for a fun Christmas dinner to a summer’s day out by the pool to everything in between!

Discover the best tasting non-alcoholic wine and spirits 

Best non-alcoholic Rose
Three of the best non-alcoholic rose wines

6. Non-alcoholic beer packs

Non-alcoholic beer looks, smells and tastes just like regular beer. We have a huge range of mainstream zero beer including Heineken and Carlton, as well as the best craft zero beer from local and international brewers. Check out our mixed taster packs which come pre boxed and ready for gifting.

Tasting pack of 6 bottles of beer

Tasting box of 6 bottles of non-alcoholic beer 
Gift box of 6 cans of beer
Tasting box of 6 cans of non-alcoholic beer 

Regardless of who you’re buying for this Christmas, alcoholic-free wine and spirits will go down a treat and will ensure the sober friends and family in your life never feel forgotten about. Discover a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks on Sans Drinks today and enjoy free shipping to most of Australia on all bottles of 12. 

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