5 reasons to drink non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Jan 10, 2022

Sparkling wine is one of my all-time favourite drinks, so when I discovered that there are multiple, scientifically-backed, benefits to drinking it, I was delighted. The best thing about this discovery is that sparkling wine is even better for us when the alcohol has been removed. 


A woman holding a bottle of Barton & Guestier Alcohol-Free French Sparkling and two champagne glasses

1. Boost your short term memory 

Researchers at the University of Reading, in the UK, found that champagne contains proteins that can improve short term memory. The research suggests that drinking three glasses of champagne could help to counteract the memory loss associated with ageing. 

Champagne contains phenolic compounds, which scientists have linked with improved spatial memory, which can become depleted with age. However, it's worth noting that a 2021 study found that alcohol can damage your brain. 

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If you're looking for a truly unforgettable alcohol-free sparkler then Thompson & Scott Noughty is the one for you. The Independent newspaper gave Noughty 10/10 and said that Noughty is "the closest you'll get to a champagne with the alcohol."

2. Boost your mood

Friends drinking non-alcoholic wine on a deck by the sea

I don't know about you, but I get an instant mood boost just by popping the cork on a bottle of sparkling. That's probably because it's a sound I associate with celebrations and special occasions. 

But on top of this, Champagne contains mood-boosting elements such as magnesium, potassium and zinc. 

Try this: Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Blush

Wild Life Botanicals sparkling blush is the ultimate in bubbles with benefits. Packed with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals and botanicals expertly chosen for their wellbeing properties including mood-boosting Ashwagandha. 

3. It's low in calories 

Traditional champagne contains fewer calories than both red and white wine, and on top of this, a typical serving size is smaller. 

The calorie count is even better when it comes to non-alcoholic sparkling wine. For a start, alcohol is a highly calorific ingredient, so when you remove the alcohol, you also remove a lot of calories. 

There are also several types of non-alcoholic sparkling wine that meet Food Standards Australia's definition of a low-calorie beverage - which is 19 calories or less per 100mls. 

Try this: Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low


The highly acclaimed Brown Brothers recently launched their non-alcoholic Prosecco Ultra-low - and oh boy, at just 17 calories per 100mls it's not just the alcohol content that is ultra-low. 

4. It's good for your heart 

In a paper published in the journal Antioxidants and Redox Signalling, researchers say that drinking two glasses of champagne a day could be good for your heart and circulation, and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Researchers found that Champagne contains polyphenols (found in antioxidants from both red and white skinned grapes) which have a beneficial effect on blood flow. 

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine also contains polyphenols - and also eliminates the negative impact of alcohol. 

Try this: Plus & Minus Prosecco


Australian winemakers Plus & Minus have a range of wine that is rich in antioxidants. In fact, with added grape seed extract, this Plus & Minus Prosecco is absolutely bursting with heart-friendly antioxidants. 

 5. It can up your sex drive 

A woman  glass of alcohol-free sparkling wine

While alcohol and sex have a complex relationship (one too many can reduce libido and sensation) alcohol-free sparkling wine can have a positive effect on your sex life because it helps put you in a romantic mood. 

Try this: Barton & Guestier Alcohol-Free French Sparkling


If you are looking for romance then it's got to be this award-winning French gem. Sophisticated, refreshing and aromatic, Barton & Guestier has 'special occasion' written all over it. 



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