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Nine ways with Nine Elms No. 18

Nine Elms No.18 is a game-changing, award-winning, first-of-its-kind drink that has me super excited. Served at some of London's top restaurants, Nine Elms No.18 is totally different from other types of non-alcoholic drinks.

What is Nine Elms No.18? 

Nine Elms No.18 is made from a blend of berry juices and aromatised with botanicals in a similar way to a red vermouth. It's called a Ruby Velven. It's herbaceous, aromatic and features juicy red fruit. gentle spice and soft tannins. 

How to serve Nine Elms No. 18

The best thing about Nine Elms No.18 is its versatility. You can drink it with tonic, non-alcoholic sparkling wine, or use it to make an amazing mocktail. 

Here are nine suggestions that showcase just how amazing this drink is. 

1. Nine Elms 18 Espresso Martini Mocktail

The blurb: With Nine Elms N.18 and Lyre's Coffee Originale, this mocktail is a decadent twist on the Espresso Martini. Unique and flavoursome, the berry notes of Nine Elms blend perfectly with the coffee tones of Lyres Spirits' Kahlua alternative. 

When to enjoy: Whenever your evening calls for a little pick-me-up.

Get the recipe: Nine Elms 18 Espresso Martini Mocktail

 Nine Elms mocktails make perfect after dinner drinks

2. Nine Elms The Villanelle Mocktail

The blurb: This indulgent mocktail features a bittersweet herbaceous flavour profile that is guaranteed to impress. 

When to enjoy: This mocktail works well as an after-dinner drink. 

Get the recipe: Nine Elms The Villanelle Mocktail

3. Nine Elms 18 The Sorry Lily Mocktail

The blurb: Inspired by the late Lilly Bollinger, who refused to release a rose champagne, the Sorry Lilly is a perfect alcohol-free alternative to the Kir Royale. Made with our best selling Thomson & Scott Noughty, this simple drink is delicious and elegant. 

When to enjoy: Any time! 

Get the recipe: Nine Elms 18 The Sorry Lily Mocktail


4. Nine Elms 18 The Twenty Three Mocktail

The blurb: A great mocktail for gin-lovers. While this recipe calls for Ginologist London Dry you can use any non alcoholic gin. The berry aromas of Nine Elms blend perfectly with juniper notes from the gin to create a complex taste sensation. 

When to enjoy: Wonderful as a pre-dinner drink or whenever you fancy spicing up your G&T. 

Get the recipe: Nine Elms 18 The Twenty Three Mocktail


Nine Elms No. 18 makes a perfect summer sangria

5. Nine Elms Sangria Mocktail

The blurb: The perfect non-alcoholic sangria! Bursting with the aromatic flavour of Nine Elms No. 18 and beautifully balanced with ginger ale, fresh fruit and spices. 

When to drink: A summer classic that is perfect for entertaining  

Get the recipe: Nine Elms Sangria Mocktail 

6. NINE ELMS No.18 Classic Spritz

The blurb: A fresh and flavoursome spritz combines the dark berry flavours of Nine Elms with the subtle sweetness of non-alcoholic Prosecco. 

When to drink: The perfect drink for a relaxed Sunday afternoon 

Get the recipe: NINE ELMS No.18 Classic Spritz

7. The Ruby Spritz Mocktail

The blurb: A refreshing summer mocktail that highlights the berry and herbaceous characteristics of the Ruby Velven. 

When to drink: A great aperitif for a warm summer's evening. 

Get the recipe: The Ruby Spritz Mocktail

 Mulled Nine is a wonderful winter warmer

8. Mulled Nine Wine Mocktail

The blurb: Served warm, this twist on mulled wine is full of flavoursome, aromatic and comforting. 

When to drink: A wonderful winter warmer and perfect for Christmas in July. 

Get the recipe: Mulled Nine Wine Mocktail

9. Nine Elms No. 18 Roseberry Spritz 

The blurb: Simple and luxurious, this 'summer in a glass' mocktail features floral notes and subtle sweetness. Best served with strawberries and a fresh mint spring. 

When to drink: A great all-round summer drink 

Get the recipe: Nine Elms No. 18 Roseberry Spritz 

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