How to host the ultimate mocktail party

Oct 22, 2022

I don’t know about you - but mocktails get me in the mood to socialise. Perhaps it’s the placebo effect, or maybe it’s the sense of celebration that inevitably comes when I get my cocktail shaker out. Either way, I have been dreaming of the perfect mocktail party.

If you’re planning a night in with friends too, then this mocktail party guide will help get your night off to a flying start.

A decorated party table with cocktails and ms sans bottles

Keep the menu simple

While it might be tempting to go all out and create a full cocktail menu for your guests it is best to keep things simple. It is much better to do a handful of classic drinks really well than to try and do everything and get overwhelmed with a long list of ingredients.

I recommend including mocktails that can be served in different ways - just like a capsule wardrobe allows you to create several outfits with a few basic pieces. For example, a Ms Sans Margarita mocktail can be a spicy margarita, a champagne margarita or a frozen margarita.

Preparation is key

Even if you opt for premixed mocktails, you’ll need a good supply of fresh garnishes, ice cubes and mixology basics such as a good quality cocktail shaker.

Prepare your garnishes well ahead of your start time and keep them fresh in an airtight container in the fridge. Impress your guests by making a range of garnish options for each mocktail on the menu. For example, prepare lime wheels, lime wedges and lime peel twists.

TIP: Dried garnishes save time and look great. The dried lime garnish from Monday Distillery does really well with Ms Sans Cosmopolitan

It’s also very important to have a good supply of ice. It’s also worth thinking about making ice in different shapes and sizes. A Negroni mocktail works really well with a large single cube, whereas crushed ice is ideal for a Mojito.

Think about any extras you might need to prepare. For example, if you are serving Ms Sans Margarita you will need to prepare salt-rimmed glasses. I like to use pink Himalayan rock salt for my Margaritas, but you could also use a chilli salt or a combination of salt and sugar if you like your Margs on the sweeter slide.

Think about your glassware

If you want your mocktails to look the part then selecting the right glassware is really important. Your glasses don’t need to be expensive, but having a good collection including different styles such as coupes, highballs and tumblers will ensure that you have the basics covered.

TIP: Invest in a good set of cocktail glasses so that whether you’re entertaining or having a quiet drink in the bath you can enjoy it in style.

You’ll probably need to wash some of your glassware during the evening - especially if guests are enjoying all the mocktails on your menu. Setting up a washing up bowl with soapy water in your kitchen will mean you can do this quickly and easily.

Use Ms Sans Premixed mocktails

I created the Ms Sans mocktail range so that my customers can make cocktail bar quality drinks at home. Each mocktail in the range has been perfectly premixed with a non-alcoholic spirit so that all you have to do is shake and pour. They are ideal for mocktail parties because you won’t have to buy hundreds of ingredients to create a range of great tasting mocktails.

Ms Sans Margarita

The taste: The perfect margarita mocktail featuring a well balanced blend of Tahitian lime and alcohol free Mexican inspired Agave spirit.

The recipes: Five ways with Ms Sans Margarita

What customers are saying: “This was really good, tasted like an alcoholic margarita to me and it needed nothing extra to add to it so it was very easy to make.”

Ms Sans Mojito

The taste: The Cuban inspired non-alcoholic rum in this mocktail makes for an authentic tasting mojito.

The recipes: Five ways with Ms Sans Mojito

What customers are saying: “When you just feel like a cocktail but don’t want the alcohol, this one is great. Served up in ice with lime, it is refreshing and tasty.”

Ms Sans Cosmopolitan

The taste: Tart and refreshing, this Cosmopolitan mocktail features Moscow style non-alcoholic vodka.

The recipes: Five ways with Ms Sans Cosmopolitan

What customers are saying: “The best alcohol free cocktail I’ve ever tasted! If you didn’t know it you would think this was a regular Cosmo.”

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