Luxe to less - 7 Champagne alternatives for Summer

Dec 21, 2021

With a range of champagne alternatives for every taste and budget, you're sure to find something you love.
A hand holding a bottle of Thomson and Scott Noughty non-alcoholic wine

The festive season is here, and the social gatherings are ramping up. But if you're struggling to choose bubbles to celebrate, I'm here to help. 
With something to suit everyone's taste and budget,  it's easy to find a champagne alternative that you'll love. 

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Nude

Price per bottle: $29.95 

The taste: Deliciously fruity wine bubbling with the tastes of summer. Zings of lime and mango combine to create a dry yet refreshing drink to tantalise your tastebuds.

Worth noting: This award winning vegan wine is low in sugar and boasts a variety of health boosting ingredients including soothing and calming lemon balm and damask rose, and antioxidant rich rosemary. 

What customers say: "I don’t usually like sparkling wines but this one is an exception, will definitely buy again." 

Three bottles of Thomson and Scott Non-Alcoholic Wine and two glasses of non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Thomson & Scott Noughty

Price per bottle: $24.95

The taste: This highly acclaimed sparkling chardonnay is crafted from the finest grapes from Spain and is comparable to a high quality French champagne. Very dry in flavour with a rich apple scent.

Worth noting: This consistent bestseller has achieved recognition the world over. The BBC says it's the closest in mouthfeel and taste to real wine. Certified organic, vegan, and Halal, this wine is low in calories with just 14 calories per 100m. 

What customers are saying: "Love the Thomson & Scott noughty. I’ve had this one a few times and really enjoy it."

La Gioiosa Zerio Alcohol Sparkling


Price per bottle: $22.95

The taste: Combining fresh and fruity flavours, this wine is refreshing in flavour with aromatic notes of peach, elderflower and apple.

Worth noting: "This vegan wine is crafted by La Gioiosa, one of Italy’s leaders in sparkling wine and Prosecco production."

Two Light Live alcohol-free sparkling wine near a pool

Live Light Sparkling

Price per bottle: $16.95

The taste: A crisp sparkling wine with a refreshing and perfectly balanced combination of zingy acidity and undertones of fruit.

Worth noting: Manufactured in Europe, Light Live is an undisputed market leader in Germany.

What customers are saying: "Light and fresh. Lovely alternative to Prosecco."

Plus & Minus Prosecco

Price per bottle: $14.95

The taste: Dry in flavour, this wine perfectly combines gentle fruit flavours with a cleansing acidic finish.

Worth noting: Containing grape seed extract, this wine boasts more antioxidants that traditional wines.

What customers are saying: "I keep re-ordering this one. It’s perfect." 

Wolf Blass Zero Sparkling Cuvee

Price per bottle: $14.95

The taste: Perfectly balancing sweetness and acidity, this wine combines the flavours of grilled pineapple with dried pears and has a creamy and nutty finish.

Worth noting: Low in both calories (19 cals per 100ml) and sugar (2.1g per 100ml), this is the perfect wine choice for the health conscious.  

What customers are saying: "Tried a few but most were just like apple cider or lemonade. Wolff Blass have succeeded in producing a dry bubbly that is the closest yet to an alcoholic variety. This would definitely be one I would purchase again." 

Three V.NO non-alcoholic wine on a chair

V.No Sparkling wine

Price per bottle: $12.95

The taste: The perfect balance and zing of citrus fruit combine to create this crisp and refreshing wine.

Worth noting: Vegan friendly.

What customers are saying: "This was a great find and a really good price. A solid, everyday dry sparkling, love that it is Australian too." 

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