Three ways with Lyre's Pink Gin

Dec 21, 2021

New from Lyres Spirits, the Pink London Spirit is an incredible alcohol free alternative to pink gin.
A tray holding a bottle of Lyre's Pink London Spirit and a Non-alcoholic gin mocktail

Exclusive to Sans Drinks, this new alcohol-free gin is aromatic, full-flavoured and versatile. 

There are multiple ways to enjoy Lyre's Pink London Spirit, and I've road tested some of them for you below.  

Lyre's Pink Cosmopolitan

The blurb: Lyre's Pink London Spirit is the perfect way to create a twist on the iconic Cosmopolitan. Both decadent and delicious the aromas of red berries and undertones of juniper, rose and cherry, balance beautifully with Lyre’s Orange Sec, a non-alcoholic alternative to Cointreau. The sweet citrus and berry notes along with lime, cranberry and strawberry, all blend together to make a blush-pink mocktail that is sweet and tart.

How to serve: Serve in a coupette glass and garnish with orange zest.

Get the recipe: Lyre's Pink Cosmopolitan

Lyre's Pink London G&T

The blurb: Think you can't improve on a classic? Think again. Refreshing and delicious, the Lyre's Pink London G&T mocktail is easy to make and perfect for summer. With Lyre’s Pink London Spirit, along with premium tonic, cucumber and strawberry, this drink features floral notes and aromas of red berries, a delicate fizz of tonic and freshness of fruit to create an Instagram worthy mocktail. 

How to serve: Serve in a highball glass with ice and a sprig of rosemary to garnish.

Get the recipe: Lyre's Pink London G&T

A bottle of Lyre's pink gin and a glass of non-alcoholic gin mocktail

Lyre's Pink Negroni

The blurb: Use Lyre's Pink London Spirit to create a new twist on the traditional Negroni. With a medley of delicious flavours, Lyre’s Pink London Spirit is complemented by the the rich citrus notes of Aperitif Rosso and Italian Spritz. The result is a flavour sensation. Bellissimo!

How to serve: Serve in an old fashioned glass with a large ice cube and garnish with a wheel of lemon. 

Get the recipe: Lyre's Pink Negroni

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