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Six tips for a stress free Christmas

Christmas—as the song goes, is "the most wonderful time of the year.' It’s the season of giving, joy, and laughter. But it can also be the busiest and most stressful time of the year. 

From budgeting and shopping for the right gifts, to preparing the perfect Christmas dinner - you’re going to need some stress-relieving strategies to keep it all together for a truly wonderful season. That's why I have pulled together this guide. 

Finish your Christmas shopping online

Avoid the stress of crowded shopping centres by shopping online. You may have missed the deadline for international deliveries, but there are lots of great options in Australia, including Sans Drinks. Stuck for ideas? check out our Christmas gift guide

You don't have to say yes to everything 

Stress free Christmas for the win

In general, there will be an influx of social events a few weeks or days before Christmas. With Christmas parties, family commitments, or other social get-togethers, so it’s easy to spread yourself too thinly. 

If you’re invited to numerous Christmas parties, give yourself a moment to consider which ones you actually want to go to and don't be afraid to say no. This way, you won't be stressed out trying to fit all the social events into your schedule and you'll also free yourself up for other things that matter.

Eat, drink and be berry - but avoid overindulging

Whether it’s a family dinner or a festive Christmas party at work, you’ll be surrounded by delicious foods and alcoholic drinks. But research shows that drinking too much wine or champagne actually increases your stress levels - hello Christmas hangxiety

You can avoid this by switching to alcohol free drinks and practicing mindful drinking. You can enjoy non-alcoholic sparkling wine all day without any negative side effects. 

Delegate Tasks

Most of us want to be the perfect host. But, hosting Christmas can be pretty demanding and stressful, leaving you exhausted and flat. So, don't be shy to ask your guests for help.

Not only will this reduce the workload, it will also make everyone feel involved. Children love to join in so give them tasks like setting the table or handing out snacks. 

Delegate all the way - you don't have to do everything

Don't forget to take a break 

Most people forget to take a break during the holiday season. Try and schedule some down time so that you can rest and recuperate. 

You can also incorporate restful moments into your day by taking ten minutes to close your eyes and let your mind wander. These little breaks can give your brain a break, and allow it to reboot. 

Have fun!

Whether you’re preparing gingerbread cookies with your kids, decorating the Christmas tree with your partner, or ensuring that there’s enough food on the table for your guests, take a deep breath and savour all these moments.

Give yourself permission to forget about the tasks left unchecked on your to-do list and have fun. After all, this is what the Christmas season is all about. 

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