Your go-to guide to Aussie Christmas food & non-alcoholic drinks

Nov 28, 2022

I love Christmas in Australia — who needs snow when you’ve got long sunny days filled with BBQs, drinks on the veranda and summer dinner parties? But while it really is the most magical time of the year, there is also a lot to think about. The presents! The wrapping! And what to serve with all that Christmas food!
Group of people clinking non-alcoholic red wine glasses

Look, I can’t help with the wrapping, but I can give you some Christmas gift ideas for the non-alc drinker. I can also provide some tips on the best non-alcoholic wine, beer and mocktails to serve over the Christmas holidays. I’ve thought long and hard about these recommendations to ensure that you get the most amazing food and wine pairings for Christmas

So, if you’re looking for the best non-alcoholic cocktails to get the party started, the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine for your toast, the best non-alcoholic beer for your Esky, and the best non-alcoholic wine for your table — this guide is a great place to start.

1. Gingerbread

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started on the aromatic deliciousness that is gingerbread. If you’re baking cookies or dipping into a gift early, get into the mood with a couple of spicy non-alcoholic cocktails to wash it down. Mocktails that feature non-alcoholic rum pair beautifully with ginger and there are plenty to choose from, like Ms Sans Mojito and RTD drinks like Lyre's Dark & Spicy and Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Australian Cane Spirit & Cola.

If you prefer to mix something up from scratch, I have hundreds of easy mocktail recipes to inspire you as well as the essentials like non-alcoholic spirits, mixers and even cocktail kits and barware

2. Fresh Salads

Whether it’s a side dish or the star of the show, nothing complements a crisp, cool, fresh salad better than a zingy non-alcoholic white wine. My personal favourites are the 1920 Wines Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc from South Australia and Two Hoots Non-Alcoholic Chenin blanc. As an added bonus, both of these non-alcoholic wines are low in sugar and calories.

3. Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood is one of the superstars when it comes to Australian Christmas food, so it’s worth finding the perfect non-alcoholic wine to serve it with. If you’re going for oysters, then a good non-alcoholic sparkling wine is a must and that means Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay — which has been consistently rated one of the best non-alcoholic wines on the market. If you prefer prawns, then go for a non-alcoholic white wine such as Giesen 0% New Zealand Riesling or Next Destination 2018 McLaren Vale Chardonnay.

4. Mince Pies

Consumption of these beauties happens throughout the festive season, but whether you’re decorating the tree or curling up to watch another Christmas film, mince pies are the perfect Christmas food. I love to enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic red wine with my mince pie and for me, that means cracking open a bottle of Next Destination 2018 Barossa Valley Shiraz. It’s made in the Barossa Valley, an Australian wine region that’s known for Shiraz and is currently ranked as one of the best non-alcoholic wines across Sans Drinks. Trust me when I say it’s definitely worth adding a bottle or two to your Christmas order!

5. Roast Dinner

When it comes to Christmas food, there is bound to be a roast dinner at some point. Whether you’re tucking into a classic roast or a vegan-friendly option like a mushroom Wellington or a lentil loaf, it’s a good idea to have both red and white non-alcoholic wine on the table.

For non-alcoholic red wine, I suggest a Two Hoots Non-Alc Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa. Two Hoots wine is a new brand that has already garnered a great reputation.

For the non-alcoholic white wine, I’d go for an easy drinking option such as 1920 Wines Non-Alcoholic Pinot Grigio which is an Italian-style wine made in Australia. 

6. Christmas BBQ

Look, at some point, there is going to be a barbie — it’s one of our Australian Christmas food traditions. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you go straight for the non-alcoholic beer. What’s the best non-alcoholic beer? It’s really down to personal taste and there are lots to choose from, but I like to go for an Australian-made beer like a Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner or a Sidewinder XPA Deluxe.

7. Pavlova

Pavlova is an Australian Christmas food legend and the perfect dessert for summer entertaining. I like to enjoy a generous slice of pav with a glass of beautiful non-alcoholic rosé wine. Next Destination 2018 King Valley Rosé is a great choice because with a touch of natural acidity, it will cut straight through all that cream. It also has aromas of strawberry and rose along with delicate red berry flavours.

8. Christmas Pudding

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding. Traditionally, it’s best to slosh your pud with brandy and set it alight. This is the one thing you can’t do with non-alcoholic spirits, I’m afraid. Having said that, a dram of non-alcoholic whiskey will pair very well with both Christmas pudding and traditional Christmas cake. There are a few to choose from, but when it comes to drinking it straight-up, I can’t go past Sans Bar Kings of Tartan, which has intense flavours of smoked oak and malt and a warm finish.

Eat, drink and be merry

No matter what Christmas food is on your menu, I hope that I’ve helped you find the best drinks to pair it with. If you need more ideas, go ahead and browse my wide range of non-alcoholic options and check out the customer reviews. You’ll also find lots of helpful guides in my blog, like this one on the best champagne alternatives for summer. I’d also suggest following me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing more tips for surviving the festive season. So whether you’re a seasoned mindful drinker or about to embark on your first sober Christmas, I’ve got you covered!

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