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NON 0% Wine Alternatives

Ex NOMA Chef William Wade and Melbourne's own Aaron Trotman have come together to craft a range of entirely delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to classic wines for all the non-drinkers out there, aptly naming it "NON".

With an amazing combo of unique ingredients from renowned growing regions, NON wine alternatives are the epitome of quality without compromise.

These non-alcoholic wine alternatives have been expertly crafted to introduce an air of unpredictability and creativity to the alc-free market. You only need to take one glance at the flavour profiles of the drinks in the NON range to know that they're one-of-a-kind.

NON 0% Wine Alternatives

NON is not like other alcohol-free wine. NON is different. NON is not, in fact, a non-alcoholic wine…it prefers to be referred to as a “wine alternative” which suits it perfectly. The range of NON drinks are not quite a wine, not quite a soft drink, not quite a soda water, not quite an iced tea – they’re something in the middle that has been brought to us by the innovative mind of Aussie chef William Wade and his business partner Aaron Trotman. Interested? Find out more in the FAQ below…

What is the difference between non-alcoholic wine and a non-alcoholic wine alternative?

Ok, so non-alcoholic wine is a wine that has been dealcoholised. It’s gone through all the usual wine making methods and has, at some point in time, contained alcohol.

A non-alcoholic wine alternative, on the other hand, has never had alcohol introduced to the crafting process. In the case of NON, the fruits, herbs and other natural ingredients are steeped in hot water and verjus (acidic juice from unripe grapes and other sour fruits that provides a wine-like taste) to draw out an array of delicious and unique flavours.

Either way, a non-alcoholic wine will always contain less than 0.5% ABV and a wine alternative will be the same (usually 0% ABV due to the complete absence of alcohol throughout the brewing process).

Why is NON marketed as wine alternative and not simply an iced tea?

Here’s where William Wade and Aaron Trotman have seized opportunity in a crowded market. They’ve crafted their drinks to take on the flavours, aromas and general mouthfeels of classic wines (and other typically alcoholic drinks).

That’s how they can market their products as wine alternatives, because that’s exactly what they are! A delicious alternative to wine that isn’t too far removed from the wine experience we’re all used to.

It’s a genius concept and it gives every non-drinker out there to try something new without straying too far from their drink of choice.

What kind of flavours can be experienced in the NON range?

So far, they’ve crafted a range of five sensational alcohol-free wine alternatives. I’ll list them below, then we’ll chat about them in detail a little further down in the next section…

Is your mouth watering yet? Yeah, mine too.

Which NON drinks will suit my usual tastes best?

NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

This is a slightly carbonated wine alternative with a taste similar to that of a pet nat. It’s a little dry with lengthy tannins. Flavours of raspberry and chamomile steal the show, as well as a dash of Murray River salt to round out the balance.

Best served chilled alongside a sweet dessert. In fact, this drink takes inspiration from a dessert Wade used to make at his restaurant. How awesome is that?

NON 2 Caramelised Pear & Kombu

Ok, so this one reaches a little outside of the wine alternative scope and is actually similar in taste, aroma and mouthfeel to a classic French Farmhouse Cider. Pear, edible sea kelp (kombu), various spices and other delicious natural ingredients are steeped in filtered water and verjus to create a carbonated bevvie with a slightly woody aroma.

Chill it. Open it. Serve it with chicken dishes and salads. Love it!

NON 3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu

This is the perfect alternative to an Aperativo or a dry white. This one is not carbonated and contains a range of natural ingredients like Japanese yuzu, Sri Lankan cinnamon and Murray River salt to make a drink that pairs amazingly with Japanese food of any kind!

It’s a contemporary twist on a classic white wine.

NON 4 Roasted Beetroot & Sansho

The bright red colour of this non-alcoholic wine alternative kind of gives away the game without me even saying it. Yes, this is a perfect alternative to a sparkling Shiraz! Beetroot, tamari, sansho pepper and other spices are steeped to perfection to create a delicious red with a cabernet-esque aroma.

Serve it chilled at your next BBQ or with a delicious roast dinner.

NON 5 Lemon Marmalade & Hibiscus

Another drink in the NON range that isn’t exactly a wine alternative but is more akin to a Petillant Farmhouse Gose (a sour fermented beer). A plethora of lemon-based ingredients work together with hibiscus, Citra hops and other natural ingredients to create a truly delicious beer-like taste and aroma.

Serve with a cheese platter or seafood feast to truly take advantage of this flavour sensation.

Who can drink NON wine alternatives?

All of these babies contain 0% ABV which means they are completely ok for everyone to partake in (aside from people with allergies to the ingredients, sorry guys, hopefully between the five flavours you’ll find something that works).

Regardless of whether you’re the designated driver, pregnant/breastfeeding mum, unable to drink alcohol for religious reasons or simply just want to choose a healthier (and more exciting) drink option, NON is your new best friend.

What are the health benefits to drinking alcohol-free beverages like NON?

NON is made using all-natural ingredients like fruits, herbs and spices that all contain their share of beneficial properties that help our body’s health and wellness.

You’re also taking out the safety risks and inconvenience of having too many drinks. Even after you’ve had your fill of NON drinks, you can still drive, parent, work and live your life without hesitation.

We also know just how harmful alcohol consumption can be to our bodies over time. Heart disease, liver failure and other nasty ailments and illnesses can arise if we don’t take care to reduce our intake. NON takes out the alcohol entirely and switches it for all-natural ingredients. They also don’t include any synthetic sweeteners or other artificial nasties.

Why is it important to support Aussie brands like NON?

All over the world, the global non-alcoholic wine market is bursting at the seams, welcoming new players from a range of different countries. The opportunities are there, but Aussie businesses need our help to make sure their products are noticed. They deserve all the help we can give them to show the rest of the world just how innovative, contemporary and delicious our non-alcoholic wines and wine alternatives can be!

Supporting local Aussie businesses has never been more important. Please spread the word however you can. Share your favourite products with your friends, your family and the people who follow you on your social platforms. Let’s show the world that we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to our amazing home-grown products and alc-free beverage makers.

Any news on what’s to come for NON?

If the founders of NON are anything to go by, I am 100% certain that they’ve got a new batch of wine alternatives in production as we speak. A soon as I have an update, I’ll be stocking them in the store before you can say “I can’t believe it’s not wine!”

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