My Guide to Alcohol-Free French Wine

Jul 14, 2021

France has a long history of wine making so it is no surprise that French wine is famous for it's high quality and great taste. Alc-free French wine is no exception with a variety of styles already available.

Woman holding a bottle of French Non-Alcoholic wine

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world and has a long history of winemaking that dates all the way back to the 6th century. Perhaps that’s why French wine is renowned for its high quality and complex flavours.

Bastille Day non-alcoholic Wine and Picnic

If you’re cutting back on alcohol, drinking more mindfully or quitting altogether you will be pleased to learn that you don’t need to miss out on French wine.
Here is my guide to alc-free French wine.

Barton & Guestier French Sparkling

The blurb: Barton & Guestier are one of France’s oldest wine houses, follow traditional winemaking rules to produce their wine, removing the alcohol using a unique craft filtration technique.
The taste:  The nose is intense and aromatic, combining delicate floral and fruity flavours. The palate is well-balanced wine with a long and refreshing finish.

Worth noting: Vegan  

What customers are saying: “Expect a fine frisson of bubbles and a palate-pleasing subtlety from this genuinely French offering.” 

Le Petit Chavin Rose  

The blurb: Le Petit Chavin is the result of a meticulous wine making using a blend of French wines from South of France, where the climate and the cool influence of the Mediterranean Sea bring freshness to the grapes.
The taste: It has a crisp pink hue with notes of stone fruit and berries. 
Worth noting: Certified Vegan, Halal-Certified and low in sugar and calories.
What customer are saying: “It has quite a medium body but tastes distinctly French, love it chilled in the summer.”
Le Petit Chavin also make Chardonnay and Merlot. 

A sign that says there is always time for a glass of wine

Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs

The blurb: Odd Bird pride themselves on creating healthier options for people who love bubbles
The taste: Crafted with French Chardonnay grapes, this French Style Blanc de Blancs is crisp, dry, fresh and well balanced, with a fruity aroma featuring apple, melon, and a subtle note of citrus.
Worth noting: Low in sugar and calories
What customers are saying: “A convincing champagne substitute!”
Odd Bird also make this delicious drop in a dry sparkling Rose 

A restaurant in France

Thomson & Scott Noughty

The blurb: While not technically a French product, this is the perfect non-alcoholic substitute to a traditional French Champagne. Created by Amanda Thomson who studied the art of wine making in France. 
The taste: Traditional dry Champagne style sparkling wine with sharp crisp bubbles. 
Worth noting: Certified Organic, Certified Vegan and low in calories and sugar with only 2.9g of sugar per 100ml
What customers are saying: “Literally tastes like a good champagne”

Domaine de la Prade Chardonnay

The blurb: From Southern France, Domaine de la Prade age their chardonnay for at least a year so that the full character of the wine can develop, before gently removing the alcohol.
The taste: A well-rounded dry wine with aromatic notes of fresh apple and citrus
Worth noting: less than 20 calories per 100ml
What customers are saying: “I’m a big Chardonnay drinker and this one is very pleasing.”

Domaine de la Prade Organic Merlot/Shiraz

The blurb: From Southern France, Domaine de la Prade allow their Merlot/Shiraz to mature for a whole year so that the full character of the wine can develop, before it undergoes a gentle alcohol removal process
The taste: A blend of smooth full-bodied Merlot grapes and crisp Shiraz, this aromatic red wine has notes of caramel-toffee, plum, blackberry and tart cherry.
Worth noting: Less than 20 calories per 100ml
What customers are saying: “Nice fruity and elegant with some complexity.”

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