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Ariel Wines

ARIEL began making de-alcoholised wine in the 80's where their wine won a Gold Medal up against their alcoholic completion. Since then, their wines have gone on to earn critical acclaim and numerous awards. ARIEL wines are made predominantly from grapes grown on the sustainable J. Lohr’s estate vineyards on California’s Central Coast, and this commitment to nurturing the environment is reflected in every bottle of ARIEL dealcoholised wine.

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    Bottle of Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon de-alcholised wine
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    Ariel Wines

    Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

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    The Ariel dealcoholised Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, oak-aged voluptuous red wine. Produced by winemaker Paso Robles, in J. Lohr’s estat...

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    Original price $14.95 - Original price $89.70
    Original price
    $14.95 - $89.70
    Current price $14.95
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Popular Questions

If you’re a long-time non-alc wine drinker, you’d be hard pressed not to have heard of the delicious wine varieties bearing the ARIEL name. They’ve been in the alcohol-free wine game since the mid-1980s and they’ve proven that they’re here to stay. ARIEL fully believe in the health benefits of drinking non-alcoholic wines and will always strive to produce the very best taste, mouthfeel and aromas in their alc-free drinks. I’ve put together this FAQ so you can get to now more about the powerhouse that is ARIEL wines…


Why does ARIEL make non-alcoholic wine?


In the early days of the alc-free wine industry, wines sans the alcohol were thought to be bland, dull and tasteless compared to their alcoholic counterparts. ARIEL decided to change that mindset. They set about crafting a delicious alcohol-free wine with a difference: it actually tasted, smelled and felt like the real deal. 


The fact that non-alc wine provides many health benefits and that it could be made in a sustainable way were also huge factors in the decision to bring the ARIEL brand to life.


Their wines have definitely stood the test of time and they’re still a leading alc-free winemaker with fans all across the globe today.

Is ARIEL associated with any well-known people or brands?


Have you ever heard of The Galloping Gourmet? It was a TV hit in the early 90s and was hosted by the one and only celebrity chef Graham Kerr. Graham took a liking to ARIEL wine immediately after tasting it, saying that it was “remarkable… a wine of our time, a light-hearted celebration and a gracious gift of hospitality.”


Graham has been a supporter of ARIEL ever since, with his initial review helping the brand gain enormous taction on a global scale. 


Who can drink ARIEL wines?


Everyone is different so it’s best to check in with a physician before consuming, like many foods and beverages.


In saying that, ARIEL wines are generally suited to people who don’t drink alcohol for religious reasons, designated drivers, those of us who are on call for work or on the clock, pregnant and breastfeeding women and health-conscious wine lovers.


The lack of alcohol means that pretty much anyone can pick up a bottle of ARIEL and indulge without fear of a hangover or long-term health issues due to a boozy lifestyle.


Is non-alcoholic wine good for me?


It is! In fact, it’s much better for you than a typical standard alcoholic beverage. Here’s why…


Alcohol (ethanol) presents long term health risks such as liver and heart disease.

Alcoholism affects way too many Australians, causing them to lose their health, wealth and even their friends and family.

When we’re intoxicated, we’re not thinking straight. We do stupid things that sometimes sadly lead to injury or death.

Non-alc wine has a lower sugar content due to the dealcoholisation process.

Red wine is rich in polyphenols (even dealcoholised red wine) which is believed to promote heart health and weight loss.


Plus, you can avoid nasty hangovers and drive home safely after sipping a few glasses on a night out. I know which wines I prefer drinking – non-alc all the way!


Which ARIEL products are available on the Sans Drinks shelves?


ARIEL have had a long history of producing alcohol-free wines but recently they’ve chosen to downsize their portfolio and focus on their two most loved ARIEL wines: Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.


ARIEL see these as the King and Queen of grape varieties, and they’ve finessed the art of utilising these fruits to create red and white wines that are both sublime!


Currently Sans Drinks stocks only the rambunctious red, the ARIEL Cabernet Sauvignon but keep an eye out on the virtual shelves for updates on future products.


How does ARIEL make their non-alcoholic wine?


Red and white grapes are sourced from some of the most renowned estate vineyards on the Central Coast of California in the USA. The ARIEL brand is part of the amazing J. Lohr wine portfolio, so you know they work with only the best ingredients.


The wine goes through the normal winemaking process however when it comes to removing the alcohol, ARIEL do things a little differently. Most winemakers use heat to remove the alcohol which, in turn, can dull and damage the wine’s natural taste and aroma. ARIEL wines are dealcoholised cold, usually at temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius, in order to keep the full-flavoured qualities of a regular red or white wine. It truly is innovation at its finest.


Which foods are best to pair with ARIEL dealcoholised wines?


Food pairings for ARIEL non-alc wines are much the same as any other Cab Sauv or Chardy, due to the similarities in taste, aroma and mouthfeel to regular wines.


Cabernet Sauvignon pairs super well with Italian dishes with a hearty, meat-based sauce like a lasagne or bolognese. Grilled beef and lamb also go down a treat with a glass of this rowdy red. Invite your nearest and dearest over for a BBQ and your ARIEL Cab Sauv will be an absolute hit!


Chardonnay is the perfect match for seafood (think white fish, lobster and prawns) or a fresh chicken-based salad. It’s also a fabulous accompaniment for cheese, crackers and other bits and pieces you’d find on a grazing table at an event.


What awards and recognition have ARIEL gained for their wines?


ARIEL is actually the only dealcohoised wine IN HISTORY to win a gold medal against wines that contain alcohol. Yep. In 1986, professional wine tasters sipped on a glass of ARIEL and awarded it the top prize in a blind tasting at the Los Angeles County Fair. ARIEL have since gone on to win another 8 awards in blind tastings, again up against wines that contain actual alcohol.


Across the globe, ARIEL is recognised by many countries as the leader in producing the highest quality, best-tasting dealcoholised wines. I’ll tell you what, I can see why. I’m stoked to be able to offer them to you here in the Sans Drinks store!


What can we expect from ARIEL in future?


ARIEL seem to have found their groove with their two signature red and white wines so I think that might be all for them in the near future. Who knows what we’ll see from them in years to come though. If they bring back any of their old favourites or introduce any new products, I’ll be on it like Aunty Karen on the bubbly at her 50th birthday party – no holding back.