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Sydney $5 SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders $99+ | National Express Post

Ariel Non Alcoholic Wines

Ariel began making de-alcoholised wine in the 80's where their wine won a Gold Medal up against their alcoholic competition. Since then, their wines have gone on to earn critical acclaim and numerous awards. Ariel's alcohol-free wines are also highly reviewed. Their wines are made from grapes grown on the sustainable J. Lohr’s estate vineyards on California’s Central Coast and their commitment to nurturing the environment is reflected in every bottle.


  • Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Non-Alcoholic Wine  - Sans Drinks
    Rated 3.6 out of 5
    Based on 21 reviews

    Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

    Ariel Wines

    $17.95 per case of 1x750mls
    $102.32 per case of 6x750mls

    The Ariel non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, oak-aged red wine. Produced by winemaker Paso Robles, in J. Lohr’s estate vineyards...

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    Original price $17.95 - Original price $102.32
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    $17.95 - $102.32
    Current price $17.95

Popular Questions

Why does ARIEL make non-alcoholic wine?

In the early days of the alcohol-free wine industry, dealcoholised wine were bland, sweet and lacking the tannins of their alcoholic counterparts. ARIEL decided to change that mindset and create alcohol-free wine with a difference: wine that tasted, smelled and felt like wine. Focussing on health benefits and sustainability, the ARIEL brand was created. ARIEL non-alcoholic wines have stood the test of time and they’re still a leading alc-free winemaker across the globe today.

Which ARIEL products are available in Australia?

ARIEL is an American wine producer and their popular Cabernet Sauvignon is low in calories and available in Australia at Sans Drinks. 

How does ARIEL make their non-alcoholic wine?

The grapes are sourced from some of the most renowned estate vineyards on the Central Coast of California in the USA and ARIEL label is part of the J. Lohr wine portfolio. The wine goes through the normal winemaking process however when it comes to removing the alcohol, it is then dealcoholised cold, usually at temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius, in order to keep the full-flavoured qualities of a regular red or white wine.

Which foods are best to pair with ARIEL dealcoholised wines?

The Ariel non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with Italian dishes such as pizza or hearty tomato based pasta like a lasagne and ravioli. 

What awards and recognition have ARIEL gained for their wines?

ARIEL is the first dealcoholised wine to win a gold medal against wines that contain alcohol. In 1986, professional wine tasters sipped on a glass of ARIEL and awarded it the top prize in a blind tasting at the Los Angeles County Fair. ARIEL have since gone on to win another 8 awards in blind tastings, against alcoholic wines. Across the globe, ARIEL is recognised by many countries as a leader in producing high quality, excellent tasting dealcoholised wines.