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Sydney $5 SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders $99+ | National Express Post


Founded in Melbourne, Monceau, is a craft microbrewery with a passion for low-intervention fermentations. Using natural methods and innovation, Monceau specialise in delicious, sophisticated low alcohol and alcohol-free beverages such as their Pét Nat Kombucha.

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Popular Questions

What does “pet nat” mean?

Pet Nat is an abbreviation of the French words ‘pétillant-naturel’ which means ‘naturally sparkling’. Monceau double ferment all their kombucha to make this happen rather than add in carbon-dioxide like some other producers.

What does Monceau taste like?

People say that Monceau tastes just like a sparkling wine or cider. This is because the process to make Monceau pet-nat kombucha is essentially the same in that it is made by fermenting juices. Monceau’s Blood Orange Kombucha is quite aromatic and has a spritzy sweet and sour taste, the Fuji Apple Kombucha is a milder, sweeter drink and the Pear Kombucha is crisp and dry in a manner that is very like that of a traditional sparkling white wine.

Do I need to keep Monceau cold?

While Monceau is okay to store outside – particularly in winter - it is best kept refrigerated. This is because Monceau is unpasteurised so a warm environment can restart the fermentation process. This can make it a bit fizzier and drier than normal. Is Monceau alcohol free? Almost. The natural methods Monceau use to make their products mean their drinks are naturally low in sugar and alcohol (less than 1%ABV). For comparison, a traditional sparkling white wine averages around 11% ABV.